Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Change of focus

I doubt anyone reads this anymore, but mehhhh I'm avoiding work for a moment.

Essentially I have given upon running.  I can't seem to find a resolution to the plantar fasciitis problem, other than no running and even limited walking/hiking.  I'm beyond frustrated with it and really just don't have any interest in resolving it - aka I don't care.  Maybe one day I will, but today is not that day and tomorrow doesn't look much different either.

However, I have found another focus.  Through an unexpected turn of events, I have jumped right back into an old passion with both feet and perhaps a few other body parts.

I bought a horse!

In my last post I mentioned that we were looking into leasing a horse, which we did do.  A couple weeks after we began the lease, the horses owner had a change of situation and had to sell quickly.  We were devastated because this horse was a perfect match for both me and my daughter who was a complete beginner rider.  Also, the horse has a history of being tossed around a lot and hadn't really been cared for well in probably a long time.  Super sad because she is a total sweetheart.

I wasn't AT ALL prepared to begin horse ownership again, which is why I was getting back into this in a leasing situation so I could take baby steps.  The plan was to lease for a good 6 months, do some saving, get things set up at home again, and then look for a horse to buy.  However, knowing this horse was such a great match and that she really needed a forever home and someone who would take really good care of her ... I managed to pull a few strings and make it happen.

Introducing .... Stella!

She's currently staying at my friend's barn while I get things sorted out at my place, but she will be coming home very soon.  These things tend to snowball so let's all assume that Stella will have a buddy before too terribly long ;).

Even though I have owned and ridden horses for most of my life, my daughter didn't become interested in them until AFTER I had to sell my horses when we went through financial difficulties (figures right - haha).  She is loving riding!  This horse completely takes care of her and is totally safe, yet she isn't a boring plug that just plunks along.  She's continually teaching her things, which is the way I'd prefer it.  She will learn to ride, but won't get hurt.  Right now we are sharing her, but hopefully at some point in the next year I can have a horse of my own too.

So yeah ... don't know how much attention this blog will get from now.  But I thought I'd update on the direction I have gone.  I haven't dropped off the face of the planet ;(