Sunday, December 6, 2009

Personal Best!

Yesterday was such an awesome day!

In the morning we went out and got our tree.  Then my son played a wicked soccer game (best of the season).  Then, before it got dark I went out and did that 5K run.  After that we put up our tree, decorated it and had a nice relaxing evening.  Perfect day!

Certainly my run didn't involve any winter storms, crazy snow, insanely cold temperatures, nor santa hats or bells.  But I promised Syl I would be out there running with her.  And that I did.

Here's my cheerleading prior to the run (sorry for the blurriness, but I thought they were still funny):

I was going to go by myself, but my husband asked to come along. 

Here I am on my way out the driveway:

Follow the pink Syl ......

The weather was pretty darn good.  Clear skies, a bit of wind and just above the freezing mark.  The route we took was good for doing a fast 5K.  Straight forward and pretty much no hills.  The only thing we had against us was temperature and a strong head wind going out.  I was certain that I could finish under 27 minutes.  But I did even better than that:

Under 25 minutes!!!!!!

Wooooohooooooooooooooo!   I was thrilled!!!!!

After that we got our tree up.  Sure is hard to get a decent picture of a Christmas tree.  I'm not that skilled with my camera.  Believe it or not this is one of the smallest trees we've had in many years.  Normally the angel is shoved up into the ceiling.  But decorating it is still a challenge:

When it was part way decorated we sat back and relaxed a little with some mulled wine.

Ahhh a perfect evening!


Fran said...

What a great time! Congrats!

And your christmas tree is big!!!!

Marcelle said...

wow, what a fantastic time...I do 5kl in about 32mins...and thats a tight call..

I agree with Fran, thats a huge tree...

Love the fun photo's...they are great.

Syl said...

you make my heart smile!

Syl said...

oh and love the pink - so jealous!
you put my 36 minutes to shame girl!

Anonymous said...

Hey I think somebody should buy you guys a ladder! And methinks somebody is showing her age. No not you darling, your baby! WTG on the run.

Lynsey said...

I agree with Syl, a ladder may have been easier! I love the cheerleading pics. Very cute. What an awesome time! Great job.

Missy said...

Great job!! You are fast lady. Love the pink jacket - and the cheer leading ;o)

Tamara said...

25 minutes?? Did your husband have to use special time stop technology to get a pic of you running that fast??? LOL! WTG Heidi!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

CONGRATS!! So awesome on the time, you smashed it. I am loving all of the fun Holiday traditions.

Cute pink top!

Tricia said...

wow, great job! And I love the pics, too cute. :)