Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Or Not a PR :(

Well that just sucks!  Guess I should have known.

At the race this past weekend something was off with my finish time but I chose to be ignorant and went with what I heard ... not what I saw.

When I crossed the finish line I clearly heard the guy call out 56:16, but when I looked at my Garmin it said 57:09.  I thought that was strange, but my friend was standing at the finish line and she too clearly heard 56:16.  I knew the seconds were out by a bit because I missed the start, but I had kind of wondered if maybe I screwed something up when resetting my watch.  Apparently not! :(

The results have now been posted and my official time was 57:16.  Darn!!  Guess it was wishful thinking that my Garmin was wrong. 

I will however record this as a 57:09 though because I did start late.  I was doing a warm-up jog to the start line and just as I got close I heard the guy counting down .... 3-2-1.  I still had to reset my Garmin, so knew right then I'd be going with the time on my watch, not theirs.

Oh well, so I didn't PR. :(  A little disappointing, but it's OK.  It's only 31 seconds slower, that's not so bad.  I haven't been training enough and (not that I'm making excuses) I'm still plagued a bit with some discomfort in my left hamstring which I had been having treated late Dec/early Jan.  I don't seem to have the strength I need for the hills these days.  It's not really a pain so much, but there is something there still.  I'll be back in early March for some maintenance treatment so we'll see what the doc has to say then.

On a completely different topic .... I made chicken enchiladas last night ... Oh Heaven!  I'm not overly talented in the kitchen when it comes to making dinners, but this dish is incredible.  YUM-MO!  I can only eat half of one, but that just means that I have leftovers for lunch today.  T minus 2 hours to me and some deliciousness! MmmmMmmmmMmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!

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Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

It sounds like you did great anyway...I can't imagine doing hills and rough trails, let alone TOGETHER!

Chicken enchiladas sounds really good...but by the time you've just finished them for dinner, it'll be breakfast-time for me (although it sounds sort of good for breakfast, too).

Can you share the recipe?

Tricia said...

congrats on the race!

misszippy said...

Not a PR, but not too far off, either. Great job!

Anonymous said...

heidi, its ok! no worries.
ull get em next time. keep up the good attitude!

Marlene said...

Aw, that is too bad they messed up your time! Nothing like false hope at the finish line. :( You still did agreat job!! PR next time!!

Syl said...

you'll kill the next on Heidi - get stubborn ;-)

oh and are you willing to share your recipe?

Unknown said...

I love enchiladas too - I need the recipe!

Anonymous said...

I am so impressed - a 10K in undre 60min??? That's awesome, and considering that you didn't feel like you'd really trained for it, only being so short off of a PR is fantastic!

Marcelle said...

Which ever time is the official time I think for a 10km that is a FANTASTIC TIME _ I did under 8 km in one hour the other girlfriend...YOU ROCK!!

Fran said...

So you didn't PR but you still set a freaking good time! Be proud of it! I know I am.

I always use the time on my Garmin as my official time especially during a run where I stand still for a minute. Official time is counting but Garmin goes on auto pause so I trust my Garmin time to be the right time.

Except when you have to run through a tunnel and you lose GPS for 1.5K then you have to rely on the official time (happened last year and is very frustrating).

Take it easy on the hamstring Heidi.

Missy said...

Such a bummer that you didn't PR - but you still got out there and did it. I'm proud of you always!!! Good luck on your next race - whenever that may be.

Nej said...

That time is GREAT!!! Enjoying yourself is what counts!!!!