Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wardrobe Malfunction .... Really?

Is there a full moon lately?  I thought we passed that recently.

First it was my phone pocket texting.  Then it was nearly  flashing my friend's son.  And now ....

I'm in a class last night.  Nature calls, so I duck out for a moment, and I notice .... a 2" tear in the seam of pants along the inner thigh.  NICE!  Not much I can do about it.  It's not really visible and I figure I can make it through class like that.

Wasn't so bad until we started doing these squat moves where you go from standing, to sit on top of the Bosu ball, lean all the way back, then hoist yourself back up to standing.  Looking in the mirror I can see the telltale flash of white flesh everytime I get up or down.  NICE!

I mean ... it wasn't THIS bad, but still
I survived the class, but the split had progressed from about 2" to closer to 3".  Still, I'm (clearly!) not one to shy away from a little wardrobe malfunction.  So, when the next class I usually take began, I moved on like a trooper.  The rip had been annoying me slightly in the last class, but when the next class began we warmed up with a 1 mile jog.  This is when the trouble really began.

Just a few minutes into the run and my leg was getting very irritated.  As I'm running I'm trying to adjust my pants in some way that it won't bother me - without success.  Then, about 3/4 of the way through I tried to pull my pants so the seam wouldn't rub and I hear ..... RIIIIPPPPP.  Yep, I now had a good 4" tear.

I stopped to check it out and really felt my inner thigh being irritated.  Checked that out too and I had developed a big red welt on my thigh.  N-I-C-E!

Ugh, I really liked those pants (thus the excessive wear they've obviously had).  I had to withdraw from the class due to a wardrobe malfunction.  How embarrassing!  But I can laugh about it.  Can't wait to see what crazy thing is in store for me today!!!!!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Awkward Running Moments

Last night I did a little, easy, ENJOYABLE 3 mile run.  Temperature was just perfect.  Very little traffic.  I felt pretty good and it was a positive, confidence building run.  It was just peaceful .... although a little eventful.

Awkward Running Moment #172

When running, I always carry a little pack with a few items in it (ID, a little money, cell phone).  My daughter was at a friends house and I was expecting her to contact me for a ride home at some point.  So, when I got a text message from my daughter, I stopped to check it.  It said:
What do you mean you're running late?  You're not supposed to come yet, we're out for a walk still.
I thought, "Huh? What is she talking about?"  So I responded, "I never said I'm running late. What are you talking about?".  Then I thought ... hmmm, did I say something????  So I checked my outgoing messages, and see this:
Running late, will be there soon .  Where are you? X Wu o
And I see a few more that have gone out to a few different people.  Whoops!  Lesson learned - lock your keypad before putting your phone into your pack.  One day it's going to pocket dial someone and I'm sure to say something embarrassing.

Awkward Running Moment #172

Then near the end of my run I see my friend's car coming towards me, with my friend leaning out the passenger window waving madly at me.  I assumed it was her and her husband on their way home.  My friends and I are rather ... ummm, comfortable, with each other.  It's a bit of a joke between us and completely meaningless.  (don't judge - hahhaa).

So as the car approaches and my friend is waving all over, I grab my shirt to flip it up.  Only to get part way and realize, "WAIT! That's not her husband driving, that's her 17 yr old son!!!!"   Eeeeeekkkkkkkkk!!!!  Poor kid.  No child should be subjected to that.  HAHAHA  Although he has known me since he was about 5 and his Mom is at least as crazy (if not more-so) than me.

Now, to clarify things, I was wearing a sports bra under my tank so no one was going to see anything anyway.  AND, my tank also has a built in shelf bra, so again, no one was going to see anything.  As well, chances that I would have lifted my tank ALL the way up are pretty darn slim.  But still, it was pretty funny and I think we were all a little shocked.

Made for some entertainment anyway.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Here we go!

Last night I did another free class.  This one was called "Bodysculpt" and was a weights only class.  There were 2 other classes I could have taken as well (Yoga & Zumba) but I had a few obstacles and to be completely honest I didn't really feel like taking them.  I know ... I know, I should have tried the Yoga.  Oh well, maybe it will come up again.

I did however get two huge bowls of blackberries picked and frozen.  Smoothies will be calling me!!!!

So far I've received the following challenges, all of which I intend to fully complete:

  • Nikki has challenged me to eat up those veggies!  I won't be buying a tray, but I will put in the effort and chop and whole bunch up on Saturday.  My goal is to eat at least 4 different veggies (min. 1/2 cup each) each day this week.
  • Kim has challenged me to add in an additional run this week, in the form of a speed workout.  My plan is to do interval runs for a total of at least 3 miles.  I may even do this one tonight!
  • Syl (who thinks she is being gentle but is probably the meanest of them all) has challenged me to a vegetarian meal complete with recipe, pictures AND a picture of myself.  Oh Syl, I'm gonna get you back! :)
  • Fran has managed to find my little crux.  As I told her earlier, I literally woke up this morning and thought of this challenge.  My first thought was "Sh*#, I bet someone is gonna challenge me to do a Jillian workout!".  Go check the e-mail and there is Fran's challenge.  ERGH!  But, I'll take you up on it.  Fran has also challenged me to add in an extra run this week.  I will take on her challenge AS WELL AS Nikki's.  So that's two extra runs this week (total 4).
Unless further challenges come in, this is what I'm planning for the week, including what I "usually" do:

  • Four runs including .... a long run (8-13 miles), a good effort 5K, interval run ~3 miles (for Kim!), and an easy, enjoyable run of whatever distance makes me smile (for Fran!).
  • 3 strength workouts including ... 2 days of classes PLUS the dreaded much anticipated Jillian Shred workout (for Fran)
  • Veggies ... eat at least 4 different veggies (1/2 cup minimum) every day this week
  • Vegetarian meal ... new recipe & photographed (gee, it didn't say anywhere in there that I actually had to eat it - hahhaa Syl, you need to be a little more specific *wink*)
  • Updated picture of me .. yes, I'm fully aware that images of myself have been lacking from this blog.  There is a reason.  I don't like me these days.  But I'll suck it up.  Maybe get my daughter to practice some photography skills.

If I missed anything ladies let me know!

We actually have some real rain in the forecast this weekend.  Boohoooooooo! :(  I'm not looking forward to this.  I want summer back, the whole thing.  I want the warmer, drier weather.  I want the longer days of daylight.  I want the kids out of school.  I want the impromptu trips to the beach or for gelato (even though they were VERY few and far between).  I want the late nights sitting around a fire.  I want it all! :(  But, I guess if I had that all the time it wouldn't be special, it would be normal.  So, instead I will try to find the positives in this next season and enjoy life as it is given to me.

Have a great weekend!

Good luck to Fran on her race this weekend.  Hope you're feeling well.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's on baby!

I have set forth my challenges to the other participants.  Hope I wasn't too mean, but maybe mean enough to give you a gentle little boot in the patootie to do something that you've been struggling with.

And just because I am feeling extra super doodle nice today I am going to offer a gift to you.  A gift of knowledge.

Here are a few things that I feel I have been struggling with.  Please, by all means, do not feel you have to pick from this list.  If you have something else in mind, or really want to grind it to me ..... bring it on.  I'm actually probably more interested in whatever else you might come up with.  It's on baby, and I LOVE a challenge!  I'm very driven that way.

  • Tracking - I am very lax on writing down everything I eat.  My memory is pretty good with this stuff, but I know that ideally writing it down somewhere keeps me way more accountable.
  • Strength workouts - I'm managing two times per week, but really would like to make the push to three.  Although when I do have a day with a strength workout, I usually take two classes that day, but I only count it as one strength workout.  What I'd like is three DAYS of strength workouts.
  • Cookies, chips, candy, chocolate, pretzels, sweet coffee - my weaknesses!  While I don't consume them every day, there is not a single week that goes by that I don't have at least a few of those.
  • Veggies - Strangely enough I am lacking lately.  I used to almost overdose on them, but lately I'm finding them to be a bit of an inconvenience (*aka- I'm LAZY!).  Unless of course you count canned vegetable based soups ... which I do not.  I know the best thing is the real deal, straight up.
  • Running - I know ... something else I never really had a problem fitting in.  And it's not for lack of exercise, kind of the opposite.  I've been cycling to work most days lately, and taking some fitness classes.  Which hasn't left a whole lot of time for running, but there is still room and I just haven't been making it a priority.  Truthfully, the biking is NOT that hard.  It's mostly downhill on the way to work, and while the ride home is a lot of uphill, it's been hot and/or I'm tired from work and I kind of mosey my way home - not really riding hard.  So I could really be putting in some effort on a few good quality runs.  Lately it's been a long run on the weekend and maybe a shorter run during the week.  This is not sufficient to improve this area of my fitness which is very important to me.

So, there ya go .... kick my butt!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Challenge FUN!

Challenge participants .... see below for Week Three instructions

Gee, where have I been.  Not blogging apparently.  Hmmm, so what have I been up to.  After last week's horrible class, I actually found myself a little stiff in the quads (completely due to the bazillion lunges we did in bootcamp, not the Jane Fonda workout).  This made Saturday's long run a little challenging.  My legs felt sore and heavy.  I still managed to plow through 10 miles, but it wasn't pretty and it wasn't fast.  My daughter's bf asked me how far I ran that day, to which I replied (somewhat disheartened) "only 10 miles today" - he gasped and nearly fell off the chair - heehee.  I sometimes forget that I shouldn't add "only" for most people.  It was HOT out this past weekend so we went early.  My friend was running 22 miles (thus my use of the word "only") and she left her house at 5am.  I met her at 6am and it was still a bit dark out.  But we managed to get all the miles in before it got too hot.

Later that day I took a well deserved nap and when I went to get up, I literally collapsed and fell.  My legs were DONE! :)  So Sunday I took a well deserved rest day and it was greatly appreciated.  Instead of exercising, I put on a pretty summer dress and watched my son bust his butt in the 32°C/90°F heat in his first soccer game of the season.  They were a man short, no spare players, and it was HOT!  He has a cold too so it must have been miserable.  Thankfully the ref was kind (intelligent) and gave them mandatory water breaks in the middle of the game.

Yesterday I had a little fun.  Our community is offering up a few free (gotta love free) sampler fitness classes.  Unfortunately they are horribly unorganized so my friend and I were the only participants, but hey, personal attention and it's free!  We took a Step & Sculpt class which was AWESOME.  I've missed step and I love this instructor.  Unfortunately she's moving to Sri Lanka soon (who does that???) so won't be around too long. :(  Then we took a Zumba class.  Hmmm, it was fun and I had a good time, but I think I'm too stiff and self conscious to really get into it.  The instructor grew up in South America and really got her groove on.  I'm REALLY glad the room we were in did not have mirrors because let me tell you ...... there was a whole lotta shaking going on!!!! I'm kinda glad it was just my friend and I because I wouldn't have wanted a lot of people to see all my body parts flinging around like that.  Icky!


I've cooked up something that I think will be fun for week three of the challenge.  At least I hope you guys think it's fun.  We all have the opportunity to challenge one another this week.

The challenge can be whatever you want to subject the other participants to.  It can be to cut out a certain food for the week, try a new recipe/food/vegetarian meal, etc., try a new class or a different workout, run stairs, do a series of exercises during commercials of your favourite tv show.  Whatever you like.  Doesn't have to be limited to what I just mentioned.  Get your creative juices going and challenge each other.  Try not to be too mean, but most of us know each other fairly well through the blogging community and can probably find a little chink in the armour to challenge each other.

You get 1 pt per person that you challenge.  You don't HAVE to challenge each participant, you can challenge one, you can challenge some, you can challenge all.  But I do kinda hope everyone challenges everyone.  So if I challenge Syl I earn 1 pt.  If I challenge Syl AND Fran I earn 2 pts ... and so on.

Then, if you complete a challenge that was given to you (i.e. Missy challenges me to not eat cookies all week), then you earn 1 point for that.

So 1 pt per challenge that you put out, and 1 pt per challenge you complete.

To challenge someone either go to their blog (addresses are on the spreadsheet) and post it in their comments.  It would probably be a good idea to comment back to the person who challenged you to let them know you've received their challenge.

Challenges must be made by September 16th at the latest and you have up until the 21st to complete them.

Make sense????

I look forward to dreaming up challenges and seeing what you guys come up with to beat me up!


Friday, September 9, 2011

Worst Class Ever!

I have never wanted to leave a class as badly as I did last night.  My friend and I decided to try a different class, a Cardio Step Class. I've done Step off and on for many years and thoroughly enjoy it.  But not last night!

I have had instructors of all ages, all sizes and have learned not to judge based upon those factors.  However, this instructor we had last night was just completely unfit and  I just don't find that acceptable.  Not only that, but .... I love a variety of music, I really do.  And I love some of the old (typical aerobics style) '80s music.  But seriously ... an entire hour of it grated my nerves like you would not believe.  Plus, not only were we gifted with an entire hour of '80s music, but also a lot of the moves were your classic '80s aerobics moves that are since a thing of the past (for very good reason).

Found this video on youtube.  I think I know where she got most of her moves from ....

I found myself doing my own thing through most of the class and having to push myself extra hard just to get my heart rate up ... which wasn't easy since she stopped about every 5 minutes to take a breath and/or change music.   Grrrr!!!  I will NEVER attend this class EVER again!

The original plan was to take this step class followed by a 30 min Abs only class.  However, the instructor for the Abs class called in sick.  Since I really didn't get any kind of a workout from the first class, we decided to go for a little walk then attend the Bootcamp class later that night.  Unfortunately when we got there the instructor was the same as the Abs class who had called in sick.  They'd found a replacement instructor (who happened to just be at the gym working out herself), but she only teaches spin classes.  She did however give it her best shot, and we shared a few ideas with her and made it a decent little class.

What a fail of a night! :(  Guess at the end of the day though it was better than sitting on my tushy at home eating bonbons.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Week TWO

Action Plan ladies .... Week TWO has been added to the spreadsheet.

How are you doing?  

I'm finding that I've been more accountable to myself than I have been in a long, LONG time!  Still not 100% perfect, but much improved.  Attended a wedding party over the weekend (SO . MUCH . FUN!) and indulged quite freely there, but aside from that things have been great.

Once I take even a few days of forcing myself to eat less (i.e. reasonable) my body seems to adjust pretty quickly and that constant need to stuff myself seems to disappear.  For most of this week I've managed to be much more in tune with my hunger levels.  Often questioning myself in the evening on if I'm hungry and more often than not the answer is not really.

And it shows ... this week I lost 3.2 lbs!!  I won't expect that kind of loss every week as I know it's just my body catching up and appreciating eating at a more reasonable level.  But I'm happy with it.

I managed to get in a few strength workouts, however I did not manage to get out for my timed 10K.  Just a lot of things on the go, and we're in the middle of a bit of a heat wave.  I'm not willing to run after work in that kind of heat.  Plus I've had a few late nights, coupled with a threatening sore throat, so I've not been willing to crawl out of bed early for a run either.  I'd rather postpone this run and get/stay healthy by getting adequate sleep.  I will do my timed 10K soon and just do the follow up run in October.  It's all good!

My buddy Syl is hosting a GIVEAWAY over on her blog.  Go check it out.  I'm actually not posting this just for the extra giveaway credit, but more because I think she's awesome and everyone should read her blog,


Friday, September 2, 2011

Starting 5K Time

Yesterday morning I recorded my "beginning" 5K time for September.  I woke up not feeling at all good.  My tummy was very off.  I had a fairly tight schedule for the morning, but managed to switch a few things around and was able to delay my run by an hour.  Luckily by then I felt much better.

It was a beautiful crisp morning.  As much as I HATE/despise/loathe/detest the thought of summer coming to an end, running is the absolute best on a morning like this.  When the air is damp, there is a slight dew on the ground, and you start off with just the slightest of chills.  A thing of beauty!

I decided for these timed runs that there would be no watch stopping.  This would be a race situation.  If I need to stop or walk, the clock will keep ticking.  I also was approaching this as a race situation.  There would be no wiggle room left so that I could allow for improvement at the end of the month.  I was going all out with a best effort.  If I can't improve by the end of the month then I can't improve, but I didn't want to fool myself into thinking there was improvement, so it was all or nothing.

Gotta say ... I kinda shocked myself.  It was an INCREDIBLE run.  I have not had a run like this in quite some time.

My initial time for the Cardio Challenge 
for 5K was 26:32 - 8:34 pace

I have not hit that pace over ANY distance yet this year.  In fact, I have not hit better than that pace on a straight through run (i.e. no watch stopping) since October last year.

I am SOOOO happy!

Of course this will make it a little harder to get the amount of improvement I set out.  I had wanted to improve this time by 1 minute by the end of the month.  That would put me at 25:32.  My PR over this distance is 24:53.  Can't say I have a ton of confidence, but I'm going to give it my all and try.  When I decided upon that 1 minute improvement goal I figured it would take me somewhere between 28-29 minutes.  I figured my "improved" time would be 27 or better.  So yeah, I'm a little shocked, but very, VERY happy!

This weekend I'll be setting my 10K time.

I want to send out best wishes to my blogging buddy MARCELLE who is running her VERY first half marathon this weekend, and I believe just her 2nd race ever.  AWESOME!  She is going to smoke it and I'm so proud of her.  Good luck Marcelle!