Thursday, September 30, 2010

Something to Look Forward To

I'm so excited ...
and I just can't hide it ...
I'm about to lose control,
and I think I like it!
(how's that for a throw back from the 80's?!)

Yesterday I found a half marathon coming up that A) I think I can afford, and B) I think I'll be ready for.  Entry fee is only $40 .... 40 bucks, that's awesome!  My MIL unexpectedly gifted me $30 last week so I'm going to use that towards my entry.  The have a full marathon option for only $45 (I don't think I've ever seen one that cheap), but ... yeah, I'm nowhere near ready to tackle that monster.  It's mid November so I've still got lots of time to be good & ready for it.

I'm sure being that cheap it won't be anything fantastic as far as support, probably minimal aid stations and all that.  But that's OK.  I'm fine with getting what I paid for.  I just so badly want to enter a race it isn't funny!  With the running schedule I'm following I will be just ready for this distance and it just happens to follow a scheduled recovery week.  Meant to happen??? I think so!

It's an inaugural race, but the group that is hosting it has run many events so I'm sure it will still be good.  The course is completely flat and entirely run along the coast line.  It's a nice trail and quite pretty if the weather is nice ... although last time I ran it the weather was pretty horrid (bitter cold, rainy & windy).  Surely the weather gods will smile on me - yes??? Mid November though ... hmmmm.

Last night I went out with my new running buddy and my husband and we did some speed work at the track.  4 x 800M (2 @ 3:41, 2 @ 3:45) - I'm pretty pleased with the consistency, and 3 x 400M.  We chatted too long during warm-up so ran out of time to complete as many speed laps as I had planned.  This was during my son's soccer practice so we are on scheduled time.

I really enjoyed myself and can see doing alot more running with this lady.  As she gets fit again she is going to be a great match with me for pace and drive.  So nice to have someone with so much running experience to talk to and pick her brain.

The possibility of this race coming up is going to really keep me motivated.  So exciting!!!

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Monday, September 27, 2010

End of an Era

I'm feeling quite sad today.  Yesterday I was a wreck.  I have had/been around horses pretty much all my life.  Earlier this year we sold "my" horse that I did a lot of showing with and pretty much trained him completely.  I miss him terribly, but he's in a fantastic home and really I can go see him anytime. 

We had two horses left, and yesterday the one that I really loved went for a one month trial.  Chances are he won't come back because he's a great horse.  It is extra hard because I thought he was just going for a trail ride and would be back later in the day.  I didn't know he was gone gone and I didn't get a chance to say goodbye. 

These boys weren't just horses, they were like pets, very cuddly and awesome personalities.  Puppy snuggles are known to be great, but there's just nothing quite like a hug from a horse.  I'm going to miss them so much.  Most of yesterday was spent crying and today I'm on a tight ledge whenever I think of it.  The one horse we have left just isn't mine ... I have no bond with him and now I really want him sold soon.  I don't know if I'll ever have a horse again.  I doubt it, but time will tell.

Goodbye Levi & Sierra.  I love you guys and will always miss you!!!!

Other than that I actually had a great weekend and you guys must have done alot of praying to the weather gods for me because it was fantastic!  ♥ THANK YOU ♥

Friday my friend had a Girls Night party at her house.  It was a small affair, but we laughed, chatted and solved all the worlds problems until well past my bedtime.  I nearly backed out because I was exhausted after work, but had a great time and am so glad I went.

Saturday I squeezed in a fast little run while my daughter's team warmed up for their soccer game.  It was actually HOT out.  They lost their game 2-0 and I was kinda sad for my daughter because she didn't get to play much.  She's new-ish to the sport and isn't very good, but the coach could have given a little more play time to her.  After that I raced out to my son's game which was MUCH more exciting.  They won 3-1 and he played the entire game (90 minutes) other than about 5 minutes when he got what his coach called a "man injury" ;).  The one goal that was scored against them was while he was off trying to locate his voice again.  He was playing last man back defender.  I thought running 3 miles in that heat was hard, I can't imagine 90 minutes playing hard in it.

Sunday morning hubby & I met up with the running ladies.  Well, first we went out and ran 1.5 miles, then went out with them for another 6.5 .... so I got my 8 in!

When we started out hubby commented on how it was perfect running weather ... a bit cool, overcast, the odd bit of drizzle.  But a mile in we changed our minds.  It was M-U-G-G-Y!  Actually a hard day for running, but I was happy to complete the 8 miles at a reasonable pace.  A new running friend came along and I think she's going to make a fantastic partner as soon as she gets back into shape.  She's certainly knowledgeable and has a very strong determined mind ... I like that in a fitness friend!

I think we need a service like e-Harmony for fitness partners .... hahaha.  Wouldn't that be great?!

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Praying to the Weather Gods

Living where I do, buckets of rain on a regular basis is a fact of life.  Preferring to run outdoors, I'm gonna get wet - alot.  And I'm one of the first to say "Suck It UP ... you're gonna get wet & sweaty anyway so who cares".  But last night I bowed to the rain. 

I had good intentions.  I knew it could would rain.  And I planned to walk for about a mile, then run 3 miles, then walk back.  Hmmmm ... good intentions .....

"People will judge you by your actions, not your intentions"

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions"

I did the 1 mile walk, stopped at a nice warm bathroom and I swear the rain quadrupled in quantity.  I stood under the cover outside the bathroom and just stared at the river for about 5 minutes.  Then I turned around and did the walk of shame back to my car.  I was already a drowned rat fairly wet, but my heart wasn't in it to be soaked to the bone.

I need to get a hat - soon!  Surely that would make me feel better.  And I need to find my microfibre sweater that seems to do a good job of keeping most of the rain on the outside.  The yoga style jacket I had on last night was cute, but provided no rotection or warmth.

So now I need to do a 3 mile run when I get home from work... and before I go to my friends house for Girls Night (whoop, whoop - I've assigned myself the Designated Driver so it will be a pretty mellow affair for me).  Saturday I will do a 3-4 mile run during my daughters pre-game warm-up.  And on Sunday I have 8 miles on schedule, hopefully with a new running buddy.  I also have a horse to show Sunday.  It would be nice to have a somewhat dry day.

A couple days ago the weather report for Sunday called for 50mm of rain (that's nearly 2 inches!).  Though yesterday that was revised to 25-35mm and today it's revised to 5-10mm.  I'm praying to the weather gods that the predicted rain amount will keep lessening to NIL or so.

I'm thinking of setting up a paypal account and a donation website to collect funds for Heidi's Wet Running Clothes Charity.  No??????  Maybe I could organize a run in my honor????  Sell my used tissues on ebay?  Go door to door with a collection box? :)

Have a great weekend!  I'm excited to be running 8 miles this weekend.  I haven't ran that far since June.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Track Work

After this weekend's little mini stint with speed work to see how I compare to a bunch of teens (haha), I decided last night would be some speed work at the track.

I recorded it all on my Garmin, but didn't get a chance to load it on to the computer to check out the data.  From memory I believe I did 4 x 800M at about 3:40-3:45 each ... 7:22 - 7:32 pace.  Followed 4 x 400M at about 1:45-1:50 .... 7:02 - 7:22 pace.  Between each interval I walked or walked/light jogged 400M.  I want to work up to it being a light jog only between intervals.

I also want to build up to doing alot more of those 800s.  On the 400s I sure noticed that I could smoke it for the first 200M, then fade rapidly for the next 100-150M, then dig deep and manage a sprint for the last 50M.  However .. if I ran the first half more conservatively to try to keep a more steady pace the whole time, my overall time was slower than if I went out fast.  Hmmm, I didn't think it was supposed to work that way.

I wanted to do a few 100M sprints as well, but after that I was completely out of gas.  I can certainly see how this is a tougher workout than a long, steady run.  Of course both have their benefits and the long run is super important, probably the most important in regards to just completing a race, but this type of workout is definitely a challenge and a nice change to add in.

Anyhow, it was a GREAT workout and I think I'll see some benefits from this.  My running buddy was there teaching a boot camp class and she joined me for half of an 800 before she had to leave.  We tried to talk but there was no way. ;)  Apparently track work is not a social event.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Recap

Despite having many periods of torrential downpour this weekend, it actually went pretty good and I was lucky to not get caught in it during any of my outdoor activities.

Friday night a good friend came over and we watched The Last Song.  I didn't cry near as much as the first time I saw it, but still really enjoyed it.  I haven't spent alot of time with this friend for a while and it was nice to just hang out and not really do anything.

Saturday my daughter had a soccer game.  As we prepared to leave the skies emptied.  I got all geared up in warm/dry clothing, she put on an extra layer ... and we headed out.  It was an hour drive to the field and on the way there the skies cleared and it actually got hot.  I had a teensy little tank top on under my sweater and wasn't quite comfortable enough to strip down to that.  Almost felt wrong to think about complaining about the heat. :) On the way home from her game I spotted a new trail that I can not wait to try out!!!

Later that afternoon, we went to one of the local schools for a little run.  Her gym class has been doing a timed 2400 Meter (1.49 mile) run.  They need to complete it in 24 minutes to pass.  Seriously ... 24 minutes?  Does that not seem exceptionally slow for a run, especially for 14 yr old kids?  I can walk faster than that. 

I was curious how long it would take me.  My daughter said she's done it in about 15 minutes and she's not at all a runner.  My son, who could be a runner but choses not to, said he averages around 10 minutes, with about 9 minutes being his fastest.  That's a 6 minute mile - I dream of that.  My daughter dropped out of her practice run halfway through, but I continued on.  I thnk she was a bit intimidated because she couldn't keep up with me on the first loop.

It took me 11:38 to run it.  Average 7:48 mile pace.  It was tough!  Had it been any longer I could not have kept up that pace and am a little surprised that I was even able to do it.  I definitely see a benefit in doing this short, fast distance more often.  It was probably 10 times harder than any regular run I ever do.  We also did a few short sprint races after.  She's pretty fast on about a 100M sprint, but then peeters out.

And boy did I feel it the next day when my husband and I went out on our weekly long run.  We started out with our friends but then branched off onto another trail that is quite hilly.  My legs swore at me on every little incline and my pace was painfully slow.  After we came home we both crashed.  Had a quick breakfast followed by a one hour nap.  The rest of the day was a write off for me.  So lethargic, sore, a bit of a headache.  I've had this before and I think it's just from pushing hard.  My body will adjust.  After being sick last week I think I'm still in recovery mode a bit.  We did 7 miles, and while I'm proud of that, I am so painfully impatient to get back to long runs.  7 miles used to be easy, comfortable - not a long run.  I can not wait to test myself on the upper teens & beyond.

Today every muscle in my body hurts from the added weights workouts.  Abs, arms, my entire legs.  OUCH!  I've been stretching all day at work.  Tonight will be a nice, easy light run - followed by some strength work.

EDIT:  Hmmm, I just went back and read a previous post from when I had this headache/extreme fatigure type situation after a run before.  A few interesting things/common threads here.  One, the recently added strength workouts.  Two, the next day weight gain.  Yesterday I ate 22 out of my 21 allowed WW's points.  With that run I would have earned about 7 points that I could have eaten as well.  My last meal was finished by about 6:00, so no late meals and I definitely didn't go over my calorie/WW points budget - yet this morning I weighed 3 lbs more than I have in the last week.  I'm not worried about the weight gain, but it is strange seeing the similarities here.  Definitely someting going on.  I feel like I've had adequate water lately, but maybe was still a bit dehydrated from being sick. Hmmmm, interesting.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Drowned Rat

I'm singing running in the rain ... I'm running in the rain .....  or at least I WAS running in the rain.

My daughter had practice last night at a field that is a good 20 min drive from our house.  It's only a 1 hr practice.  Since I have no money, and therefore do not shop (heehee), I usually use this time to exercise.  No point in driving home for that short of a time.

Living where I do, and preferring to run outdoors, chances are you're going to get wet - alot!  A light rain is really no biggie, it's the norm from now until sometime in the spring.  Last night I was expecting a light rain.  And it started as a light rain.  Then it poured!  By the end the dog and I both looked like drowned rats.  But we got 4 miles done and ticked off the schedule.

When I got back from my run the coach yakked at the girls for a while so I took the opportunity to do a few sets of walking lunges, squats, & tricep dips on a picnik table.

The last thing I wanted to do when we got home was head downstairs to the gym for a weights workout.  My husband had nicely made me a fire (which I was extremely thankful for) and I really just wanted to lay by it and watch a little TV.  Which I did, except .....

... for the next hour, during every commercial I did abs, core & arm work (sit-ups, planks, push-ups, dips....)  It wasn't with weights, it wasn't in a gym, but it was a workout.  I can feel it today!

I'm thinking that I am going to need some better clothing for all this wet running.  Any suggestions?  I'm SO not a hat person, but will it keep me a teensy bit drier?  Can anyone recommend some sort of jacket that will keep me mostly dry without holding in all the moisture or making me hot?  I don't really have the money for it, but I don't want to go through this whole season soaked to the bone, and running is my sanity during these times.

Have a great weekend!   I have plans to watch a tear-jerker movie with a girlfriend tonight, just one soccer game to watch this weekend and a running date with friends ... oh and a boat-load of housecleaning to do that I couldn't do last week since I was so sick (but I'm trying not to think about that).

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy 101

I'm at a loss of anything exciting in my world today to do with health or fitness.  Luckily, Jen @ Suck It Up Buttercup (I love that saying - hahaha) awarded me a Blog Award yesterday.  I just recently discovered Jen's blog.  While initially I was partially drawn to her just because I discovered early on that she lives in somewhat close proximity to my sister, and also her blog name is one of my favourite sayings ... I have come to very much enjoy her blog.  THANK YOU JEN!!!! 

The game is to list 10 things that make me happy: 
  1. Being relatively healthy and alive (always a bonus)
  2. Having the same for my family & friends .... and pets
  3. Watching my kids participate in their sports.  Especially my son in soccer because once he gets on that field he has such drive.  Having a competitive spirit myself I get that.  My daughter missed that competitive gene, though quietly, and self consciously, still always wants to do well.  I'm really going to miss this in a few years when they've outgrown youth sports.
  4. A wicked trail run, in perfect weather (slightly cool with full sun), with a few good friends and/or my hubby.  Even moreso when it feels effortless, like floating on wind.
  5. A great cup of tea
  6. Chatting with friends and laughing over the stupidest things imaginable
  7. Accomplishing a goal
  8. Inspiring others
  9. Baking ... I really do love it - if I could just keep myself from eating it I would do it way more often
  10. Money!  Yes, it does make me happy.  Or perhaps the lack of it makes me sad.
I'm supposed to pass this along to 10 people .. but I don't know, I think I may be one of the last to receive it (I'm so popular, hahahaha, not!).  If you haven't received this, or just wanna do it again, go right on ahead and consider yourself awarded.  ETA:  I decided to make a list anyways because I was feeling all warm and fuzzy.  Not all my bloggy faves are on this list (so if you're not on here don't read into it).  Some are new blogs I want to share, and some I have something specific I wanna say to them.  In no particular order ...
  1. Jamie @ Sweaty Hugs - She has just completed her first half marathon and has a smile that ALWAYS makes me smile
  2. Aneta @ Confessions of A Rambunctious Runner - Aneta is currently training for her first full marathon and I love her honesty about the process along the way.  (Aneta, read the next line)
  3. Linz @ Destination 26.2 - Linz is also training for her first full.  These two ladies (Linz & Aneta), pretty much single handledly have inspired me the most to seriously (SERIOUSLY) consider taking this next step.  They have showed me that I (and many of us) can do this if we want to.  They are normal people.  They haven't run a bazillion and one marathons.  They don't run 6000 miles a day.  They haven't been running since the day they were born.  The have lifestyles I can relate to.  I find both of their blogs very inspiring and REAL!  Thanks you two!!!
  4. Fran @ Dutch Girl Gets Healthy - This lady, from across the world, has the cutest puppy and is working her way towards a half marathon, plus a multitude of races along the way.  She writes her blog in english, even though that is NOT her native language - which I often forget because her english is often better than mine.
  5. Marcelle @ Marcy's Weight Loss Journey - You want inspiration ... go here!  When you look up determination and dedication in the dictionary this pretty lady's picture is right there beside it.  Hottest Grandma/Nana I know!
  6. Marlene @ Mission to a(nother) Marathon - I wanna be Marlene's running buddy.  Heck, I think I just wanna be Marlene.  Even though she is a mega blogger with a massive reader list, she often comments on my blog and makes me feel uber-special.
  7. Darci @ My Road To Weight Loss - the cutest blogger ever!  Actually, combined with her husband, the cutest couple ever.  All (adorable) smiles, all positive and I love her foodie posts because they're nice simple foods that I would typically eat.  She gives me lots of ideas because that's the way I prefer to eat.
  8. Shelly @ It's Just One Foot in Front of the Other - A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  This mother of three well spred out in age kids is incredible.  She is currently on a running streak of something like 130 days straight, mostly while pushing a stroller.  That aside though, this is one of the most positive bloggers ever.  I've just recently discovered this blog and I love it!
  9. Nej @ I Think I Can, I Think I Can - this girl is funny.  I don't know if this is her intention, but her posts almost always give me a giggle or two.  It's like her internal thoughts just spew out into her blog.  Plus she tends to leave me comments for a week (or more) worth of posts all in one day.  Keeps me on my toes remembering what I posted - ahha.
  10. Syl @ Live Smile Run - OK, yeah I know, Syl has probably gotten this award from almost every blogger on the planet.  But no bloggy award list is complete without my BBB (bestest bloggy buddy).
I did NOT get a workout in yesterday.  It was just one of those days where I literally flew in the house after work, cooked dinner in 15 minutes or less and then played taxi, manager and cheerleader all night long.  The best I could have gotten was 10 minutes on the track in the rain, and yeah, I just opted not to yesterday.

Tonight however is looking absolutely ideal for a pretty decent run AND a workout!

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Almost Living

I'm almost among the living again.  Yesterday I got through the day without nose spray, so that's a huge positive.  Still some sore throat and cough, but that's more manageable.

When I got home I actually felt like I had a little energy so I went out for a run.  YAY!

Took my little dog with me.  She is always so excited to go out for a run.  If she sees me gather my stuff she gets all dancy, whining and even barking.  The last few times I've taken her on road runs though she clearly doesn't enjoy it, so I wasn't going to take her.  But she was very insistent and I felt bad leaving her behind.  Since this was just going to be a short, easy run anyway I decided to take her.

Wrong choice!

The first half of the run I literally had to drag her through parts of it.  Though once she could tell we were headed back home she became much more cooperative and we had a decent run.  Out on the trail that dog will go for miles and miles and miles.  She's also fine on roads that are not near home.  But around home on our streets, she does not like it.  Yet she acts like she wants to go until we get to the end of our 1000' driveway, where I really don't want to walk her all the way back.  Lesson learned ... she's not coming with me around home again!

In the end it was a decent run.  While running I actually felt better than I have in nearly a week.  No coughing, no throat pain, no sinus pain. Though when I stopped the world did spin a little.  Probably should have gone a little slower.  I was planning to Shred after the run, but that little run completely drained me for the night.  That's OK, I'll build up slowly again and be shredding in no time.

I think I fail at taking measurements.  I checked them again this morning and while some are down .. some are up - yet feel down.  My waist and arms were up at least 1/2", yet I know by the fit of my clothes that they are actually down.  Waistbands that were tight a couple weeks ago are loose now.  Same with a shirt that I noticed was tight in the arms recently, which fits fine now.  Makes no sense.  Really it doesn't take much for your tape to be in a ever so slightly different position to get different measurements.  I'm going to wait until month end to post progress pics & measurements.  I need to get healthy again and put in more of an effort with my workouts.

Tonight is a busy one.  IF I'm able to exercise, it will just be a short stint.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Tell Me How I'm Supposed to Breathe with No Air

Ugh!  I'm sick ... again.  Last time it was the first 3 weeks of July.  Let's hope this one is MUCH less than that.  With me, as soon as I get sick, it goes straight to my sinuses.  No nose breathing, heavy pressure in my eyes, teeth & head.  So annoying!

I didn't do anything physical all weekend.  I could not.  Sinus pressure, sore throat, coughing, weakness, fever.  I had hopes to meet up with my friends on Sunday morning for a run, but after taking some medicine in the middle of the night I slept like a rock and woke up 3 minutes before our scheduled meet up.  I wouldn't have been able to run anyways, plus it was absolutely pouring out (welcome fall!).

The only thing I did all weekend was take the kids to their soccer games.  My daughter's team won 5-3.  They hadn't had a single practice yet, and my daughter hasn't played since she was about 8 or 9.  And at that she barely played then.  Only reason she signed up back then was because she desperately wanted the soccer shoes and I wouldn't let her have them unless she tried the sport.  It was a disaster.  She was a little frustrated because she doesn't know how to play, has had no practice, and is so painfully self concious about looking like she doesn't known what she's doing.  It's just a recreational team, but she is pretty much the least experienced.  At least she has a pretty strong team around her and the girls were all nice.

My son's team lost 4-3 to their arch rivals.  They were ahead 3-2 but let it go near the end.  There was "only" 3 near fights.  As they get older things certainly get more tense.  At least with soccer if they actually got to the point of throwing punches the penalties are pretty stiff.  Actual fights are very rare, but with boys the threat is always right under the surface.  But yeah, 5 minutes into the first game of the season and a rather large boy from the other team comes after one of our kids.  Luckily his coach & teammates called him off. 

If I had a little more time on my hands, and could find a completely recreational team (as I have NO soccer skills), I would love to play soccer.  Such an amazing workout.  My son typically plays 80-90 minutes in a 90 minute game and is running most of the time.  I've played with the team a few times when they were a bit younger and could barely walk the next day.  It's certainly a good all around workout.

Hopefully in a day or two I'm among the living again and then I'm going back to the Shred.  And more of it!  I think I need to do minimum 5-6 days per week, not 4.  And I'm going to take this challenge into October as well.

Until next time ....

Keep Active!

(and stay healthy)


Friday, September 10, 2010

Dreaming is free, right?


I didn't properly do my measurements this morning for Syl's Challenge, but will get to that this weekend and post next week.  I do know from the brief check I did that I need to step up my game if I want to see better results. 


Last night we had a long time acquaintance over that I went to high school with.  She was always someone who, despite being THE highest energy person I've EVER known, always struggled with her weight, and still does.  After we graduated I was surprised to hear that she had taken up running ... marathon running and then triathalons.  I don't recall her ever being active in high school.

As I've now become a runner, she was sharing some of the races she's done over the years (most multiple times).  Which are not limited to ...

New York
Disney (multiple times, multiple distances)
qualified for and ran Boston
Ironman Canada

plus one (which sounds SUPER cool, but probably wouldn't interest me as a race) in France where EVERY ONE in the race runs it in costume and there are multiple stops along the way at various wineries for wine tastings, etc.  I believe this is the one she was talking about - Marathon du Medoc.

To say I wasn't just the slightest (OK, fine ... OVER-THE-TOP) jealous of all her destination races would be an understatement.  You name a race within 100 miles of home and she's done them all too, if not multiple, multiple times.  Of course I have to look at it realistically and note that she does not have children, she is very financially stable and she has a ton of freedom to do these things.  She's also roped her husband into it and he does most of these races with her.  Like I said, she's high energy.  Apparently she told him early on in their relationship "keep up, or move on".  Gotta love it!

She is signed up to do the Goofy Challenge at Disney in January (10K, half marathon & full marathon all in the same weekend).  She has not begun training for it yet and, by her own admission, is horribly out of shape.  I can't even imagine.  But she certainly has the mental side of running down.  She says mentally she can finish it no problem, not well, but she can finish it.  Of course my husband jumped right in and said I should do this too ... I could go on airmiles.  But, training aside (because I would NEVER take this on unprepared), it's over $300 for registration alone, not to mention hotels, food, etc.  If I ever do something like this I do NOT want to have to do it on a budget.  I want to relax and enjoy every moment.  Plus, a race like that would HAVE to be followed up with some serious massage/spa time.

I absolutely DREAM of doing destination races like this. Though I'm certain if I ever do, it will be a once, or maybe twice, in a lifetime event. I remember a blog somewhere were someone did their first ever marathon in Greece. What I wouldn't give to do that!

Have you ever done a destination race?  Or do you dream of one? 
If you're a dreamer like me, do you honestly think it will be a reality one day?

Anyhow, have a great weekend and ....

Keep Active!


Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Firt ... here are pics of my curly-do daughter.  I remember (not too fondly) a time when she would barely let me brush her hair .... and certainly would NOT let me fuss with it.  Now she asks me to.  It only took me 35 minutes today.  And, we managed to all get out the door on time!!! WOOOHOOO, this is a big accomplishment in our house.  She felt silly having her picture taken like this and wouldn't smile.

Certainly helped getting out the door on time that I spent time last night getting lunches ready for me & my husband (neither of my kids will eat while at school).  On the weekend I prepared a bunch of stuff to make this easier.  I made my steel cut oats for the week and portioned them out into individual bowls for quick reheating.  I cut up a bunch of sandwich fixings and put them in a container.  SO much easier and quicker that chopping up everything every morning (or night).  Also I have a bowl of boiled eggs and some cleaned and ready to go fruit.  This morning we just had to grab our completed lunch kits and go.

So last night I ACCIDENTALLY ran.  My son had soccer practice so I decided to do a 4 mile run then meet my friend for tea.  Halfway through the run I thought .... "wait, didn't I run yesterday, AND the day before too".  Whoops!  With the plan I'm following I'm not supposed to run more than 2 days in a row right now as I build back up.  This long weekend thing messed me up, and the run just fit my schedule for the day.  I can feel it in my hips today so will definitely take a rest from running today and possibly tomorrow too.

Also got another round of the Shred done last night.  I think I may be ready to add in a few more days of these workouts.  They're still tough, but I don't feel quite like I'm dying after them now.  My plan is still to aim for a minimum of 4 per week, but I think this week I'll try for more than that.

Week One of Syl's Challenge

Shred Style Workouts - 4 ... met goal
Running - 5/7 days, 23.8 miles
Stepped on the scale - ZERO!  This isn't really part of the challenge, but right now I don't want to go on there.  I'm waiting until Day 10 and mostly want to see some changes in the measurements.

So my kiddies are back at school.  Their back to sports - first soccer game this weekend - YAHOO.  Our schedules will all get established over the next week or two.  This time of year always feels like a fresh start.  A chance to get all organized and improve on areas of your life.  For me this year, it is about getting to school on time (it's usually my fault if they are late), preparing lunches the night before and having some sort of a plan in place for dinner for at least the busiest of nights (aka sports nights).  Being organized feels so much better than the chaotic mess I too often find myself in.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Has a busy weekend.  Not quite as active as I had hoped, but I accomplished quite a bit in the house and did some bookkeeping (oh goodie, SO much fun ... insert bucketloads of sarcasm here). 

Saturday night we went to a friend's BBQ.  It was a quiet, but enjoyable evening.  Of course I started to turn into a pumpkin around 9:00, but managed to stay social a little longer.  We were still in bed before 10:30 - such party animals - hahaha!

On Sunday hubby & I were going to ride our bikes to a running trail, but the weather was good and he needed to work.  We still managed to get a 7 mile run in though.  Being a long weekend, the trail was MUCH quieter than it usually is on a Sunday morning.  Afterwards I did an Abs & Core workout.  My butt was still so sore from the Shred the day before.  I couldn't have managed a squat if you paid me.

Yesterday (long weekend - YAY!) we met up with some friends for a little run.  My legs were feeling it, but we didn't run too fast.  It was probably just what they needed.  It started off overcast with some mist in the air, but unfortunately turned to steady rain shortly after we left.  I was a drowned rat at the end.  Came home and was cold to the core.  The rest of the day was very scattered.  Some housekeeping, some bookkeeping, food prep for this week, a short nap. Our poor little puppy got a running injury (it's been a busy week for her).  One of her paws was raw after our last run.  I will make sure it's completely healed before she comes out again.  She's such a trooper - never stops, won't complain, always wants to go, HATES to be left behind - until after you see her holding her sore paw up.

This morning I was going to get up early and tackle that Shred workout again, but coupled with being up VERY late (11:00 - ahaha) doing food prep, and I accidentally lowered the volume on my alarm - I didn't get up on time.  I'll have to fit it in tonight.  This bugs me as I REALLY wanted it over and done with this morning!

Tomorrow my kidlets are back to school.  My daughter has asked me to curl her hair (it takes 40 minutes for the style she wants).  I only do this for her every few months, it's kind of a special thing.  I'm going to have to be super organized to get out the door on time.  FUN!

Hope everyone had a great (long) weekend!

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Squeezed it in

Just a quickie post.

This morning started off slow (slept in, made the family breakfast, relaxed), and I have a few things I wanted/needed to get done. 

My first thought ... "ah, skip the workout today". 
My second thought ... "yeah, but I haven't done a strength workout in two days.  I've vowed to do at least 4 days per week". 
My third thought ... "Really, no one would truly know if I did it or not". 
My fourth and most important thought ... "No, they wouldn't.  But I would!  If I want to see results I HAVE to put in the effort."

Shred Level 1 completed for the day!

Other than that, today is a rest day (aka clean house, grocery shop, go visit friends).

Tomorrow is looking to be a very active day.

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Water Often

Last night I was so exhausted ... and hungry.  Came home from work and immediately ate dinner (at 4:30!).  Then shortly after I had major munchies, and also felt like snoozing on the couch.  Energy levels were super low and craving levels were high.  I opted for air popped popcorn.  Our prune plums were ready for picking so my daughter & niece picked a bowl and I made a couple of plum cakes (pflaumenkuchen) from them.

Note:  This is NOT the recipe I used, but similar

I didn't have much of the cake, but it did put me over on my points for the day - and I was still feeling like I could eat.  Suddenly it dawned on me .... I hadn't drank water ALL day!  Nothing - not even juice.  Just a few cups of tea in the morning.  Normally I take a large bottle of water with me to work, then refill it at least once or twice when I get home.  I had forgotten it yesterday and was thoroughly parched by the time I finally drank.  No wonder I was tired & munchy. 

After I downed the water though I was still tired, so off to be at 9pm.  I'm surprised I slept through the night, and was even still a bit sleepy when the alarm went off at 6am.

This morning was  another 4 mile run with my husband.  We chose a local trail and it was at least as beautiful as the yesterday.  My dog, Little Miss Tia, MUCH prefers the trails and she had a blast.  The trail we took is VERY hilly so our pace was much slower than yesterday.  But it was lovely!

When we got back I felt like I was starving!  Had a bigger breakfast than usual.  But I also feel the twinge of a little cramp that tells me that this extra hunger today and yesterday is signs of a visitor arriving soon.  I will have to be very mindful in the next few days to only eat as my body needs, not as it craves.

This weekend I'm taking my daughter shopping, going to a friend's BBQ, the kids are having friends over to use the waterslide and have a campfire.  There will also be a long run, and a run with friends.  And LOTS of shredding (or shred-style workouts as I say).  Possibly some horse riding and/or bike riding too.  Ahhh, the last weekend of summer before all the craziness begins.  Have a great long weekend everyone!!

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm a crazy, tea drinking, AM runner. And I feel good!

I had a laugh at how many people thought I was brave (crazy???) for posting pics of myself in a bikini.  But you  know what, that's me.  I don't have a perfect body, probably never will.  But I've reached a stage in my life where I refuse to hide and/or wait for perfect.  Woman need to be more comfortable with themselves and stop comparing themselves to the bikini models or the young girls wearing bikinis.  When I was in my late teens, early 20s, I wasn't always comfortable wearing a bikini.  Looking back I should have been flaunting that thing on a daily basis because I was in pretty wicked shape then.  It was a shame to be so insecure then.

My Mom once told me "Heidi, I think your bikini days may be over".  Sorry Mom, that's not a slam to you at all, I understand what you were saying.  But dang nabbit they are NOT over.  I'm far from perfect, but I refuse to be that insecure little girl I once was. 

Though, my motive behind taking these pictures like this is I want to see every little result.  For me, this is the best way to see change.  And I am determined for this challenge to see change!  I love a challenge and this one has me all fired up.

Tim Horton's Success!

Last night my son had soccer practice and a friend of mine (who's son is also on the team) asked if I wanted to meet for tea.  I had been thinking of going for a run, but I haven't seen this friend in quite a while so decided to go.  BUT .... I walked from the field to Tim Horton's.  It's not a long walk, maybe a mile, but I hoofed it the whole way.  THEN, when I got there, even though it crossed my mind a bazillion times, I JUST had a tea.  No lovely sickly sweet English Toffee Cappuccino, no carblicious high calorie muffin, donut or bagel - not even a single 80 calorie itsy bitsy timbit.  I am rather proud of myself!

Sunrise Run

Last night I told my husband I was going to run in the morning.  He agreed to join me - which is great because I'm not totally comfortable running early mornings alone on the streets and was already cursing the possibility of running on the dreadmill.  The cold, wet, dark mornings are coming soon so I know that if I'm going to continue AM workouts, I may be faced with that dreadmill more often than I'd wish.

The alarm went off and he laid there, immobile.  I waited a few minutes and then mumbled something about feeling yesterdays workout.  He still lay immobile.  Finally I said, "I'm going for a run.  If you wanna come, now is the time".  He'd completely forgot!

We got our butts out the door and it was a beautiful morning.  The sun was just part way up.  The ponds were covered in rising mist.  Leaves are starting to change.  Stunning!

The entire run I trailed behind him.  I felt OK, but for the life of me I couldn't quite keep up.  Every time I sped up, he seemed to still be the same distance in front of me.  I've changed my Garmin to no longer display pace - just distance - so I really had no idea how fast we were going.

I was shocked when I got back and plugged it in to see that it was one of the fastest non-interval runs I've done in a while (8:52/mile).  He really is the best running partner I've got. 

Tonight I'm going to do another shred style workout.  My aim is at least 4 days/wk.  Right now I feel good, so I will do one.  If I need a rest day, I'll take it.

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fall Challenge Begins

I suppose this is really a September challenge, but I'm calling it a Fall Challenge because I want it to extend longer.

Now ... for those nasty weight/measurements and starting pics.  Never something most of us want to share, but it's step one towards change, improvement and accountability.  These are from a few days ago.

Weight - 153.6

Chest - 38"
Waist - 34.5"
Hips - 38.5"
Thigh - 22.75"
Arm - 12.25"


Don't love 'em ... don't completely hate 'em .... can't WAIT to see the progress!

Started the challenge off right by doing this workout this morning.  I created another blog to record my various workouts on.  Feel free to borrow whatever interests you.  I haven't added much yet, but more will be coming SOON!

I very badly need to go grocery shopping tonight.  Our cupboards and fridge are nearly bare and I need REAL food!

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