Friday, February 12, 2016

Family Day Weekend

In the middle of November I reconnected with an old fitness friend of mine who has since become a personal trainer and she has a wonderful group of people that I am fortunate that they have accepted me into their clan. On one rainy day, I went out with my friend for a short run. I think I may have run 3km that day, and it took about 45 minutes between walking/running and stretching. But she encouraged me to try out some of her classes and join in on some runs with her group.

This group is amazing! We do fun activities all the time. Some nights we'll try new activities like volleyball, racquetball, maybe snowshoeing or whatever. Lots of fun runs are incorporated, sometimes with our own medals and often a theme (rum, cupcakes, winery, BBQ...). They're all absolutely crazy on some level and it's an excellent adventure.

It took a good month or more before I really got hooked into it again, but now I'm back into it deep. I have so many upcoming races and events that I've started a calendar to keep track. It feels fantastic.

So..... onto the weekend!

Saturday was run club. I love Saturday runs. Other than the 8am start. I'm not much of a morning person. Typically I arrive with a grump face but by the end I'm all smiles again. Saturdays we typically run an out and back trail. 45 minutes out, 45 minutes back. Turn around if you're not feeling it. Go at your own pace. I like this because I don't feel pressure to keep up with anyone, or like I'm holding them back. Often I enjoy running on my own. I like meeting people to start, and seeing them at the end, but at this stage I'm happy in my "zone" all alone.

Who wouldn't feel inspired with views like this on a fresh morning


Distance:   5.16 miles / 8.25 km
Time:         1:03:59
Pace:          12:23 min/mi

This include two longer stops for stretching at 1 and 3 miles, and a bathroom break lol

Sunday is No Sweat day. I actually love this class. It should probably be renamed "No Cardio" class because there is certainly sweating going on. It's a series of moves such as various squats, lunges, bicep curls, calf raises, push-ups, tricep dips... one move after another for an hour. The routine changes every couple of months. When I started this class I could barely do 3 push-ups from my knees. Sunday I did 10, from my toes, followed by another 10 solid ones from my knees.


I'm baaaaaaack

Back to the blogging world!

Brief (or not so brief) intro about me....

I used to be a blogger. I enjoyed blogging. It connected me with some wonderful people, kept me motivated, and essentially I just enjoyed documenting my adventures. It's been almost 4 years though.

Life threw me some curves that took me away from fitness and I travelled down a dark road for a while that found me coming home from work and crashing on the couch with a bottle or more of wine, more nights that I probably care to admit. The start would have been some running injuries (that I'm still fighting with), a weight gain of over 50 lbs, and most notably losing my mom to cancer in 2014.

Summer 2014, trying to appear smaller. Not successful lol

Before all that hit I was a fairly avid runner. I've run a few 5Ks, numerous 10Ks, one half marathon and then while training for a marathon and getting to a training run of 22 miles I developed plantar fasciitis. And therein is the beginning of my demise. To date I have not successfully beat this creature. Gaining weight and getting older surely hasn't helped.

I have been to a multitude of chiropractors. The only one that ever gave me relief, practices NUCCA which is essentially the aligning of the upper vertebrae in your neck which allows the rest of your body to align properly. When I haven't been for a while, my one leg is over half an inch longer than the other, and my hip is lifted and shoulder dropped. You can imagine how this must impact your body when running, right? I also have a beautiful pair of $500 orthotics (you have no idea how old that makes me feel to admit that....). I wear the best shoes I can find and have been regularly assessed to find the best fit. And I also have a pair of compression socks that I've yet to decide if they actually help.  I'm currently suffering from tight calves and severe shin pain in both legs, and hip flexor and lower back/hip pain on one side. If I was a horse I'd be shot!

Sadly a fairly common day at work, icing my shins

But somehow I'm still determined that I will manage to get through this problem. I've dropped about 15 lbs from my highest weight. Currently losing inches. Working on strength and stretching, and trying to gradually build up with running.

Although I've had a multitude of "returns to fitness" over the last few years, this most recent attempt seems to be the most successful. I've gone from sitting on my butt essentially all day every day, to exercising a minimum of 5 days a week. I feel now is the time I can truly start calling this a comeback, rather than just another "day 1".

Herein begins my return to blogging which I anticipate will be a little more entertaining :D