Monday, February 23, 2009

8K Race Results

Had the 8K race yesterday - it was actually 8.225 K . The trail was in so much better condition than the last run, but OH MY the hills!!! Yeouch! I'd run part of this trail before, but I hadn't run this route and it seemed like it was hill, after hill, after hill. Tough!

But ..... I'm so, so, SOOOOO happy! I had hoped to finish in at least 52 minutes but figured it might be more realistic for 53-55 minutes with the added distance and bigger hills. However ... I finished in 49:54.

I knew coming up to the finish that I'd be around 50 minutes so I pushed it extra hard and got there just under the wire. I was pumped after I crossed the finish (until about 10 seconds later when I thought I'd lose my lunch - but I didn't).

My husband did awesome and completed in 42:25 which was alot faster than he'd expected. My son didn't have the greatest day, he started out with a headache plus a bruised thigh from paintball the day before and he finished in 46 something. But I still think that's great (I would have loved to have been THAT bad - heehee). This morning he came down with a fever and a stomach bug so that could have contributed to his results no doubt. I'm quite proud of all of us!

The fastest runner finished in 25:20 - WOW! But these guys were like 6" around at the widest area on their bodies, wearing next to no clothing and had on super light runners with spikes in them. They averaged just under 12mph for the whole run. Next time you're on a treadmill put that into perspective and imagine doing it on rough terrain, up and down steep, gravel hills.

Next run is in 2 weeks - that's a 10K. I don't think it will be as hilly so I'm quite hopeful for a pretty good time. As of right now I'm thinking I can do it around or just under 60 minutes. We'll see what the route is like and that will probably determine it.

For now I'm hoping I don't get whatever my son has, and that no one else in the family gets it either.


syl said...

way to go! I have always wanted to take up running, I think I would enjoy it.

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

Heidi!! Congratulations on an amazing race! Wow, you did so awesome!