Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Busy Week

Well that was a bit of a busy week.  Quick summary:

Tue - 3K clinic run - very painful.  Had to walk as it felt like something was going to snap along my shins.

Wed - Went to chiro/massage.  I am STUPID tight, and Dr doesn't really know why.  He did say it could be stress related, which makes sense.  He did some active release therapy (ART), but said I need to stretch, stretch, stretch and then stretch some more.  He recommended taking a rolling pin to all of my leg muscles as often as I can.  He thinks a foam roller wouldn't be firm enough for me.  I am a freak! :)  Went to the group run and did about a 5K tempo runs (3 min hard, 2 min recovery, 2 min hard, 2 min recovery, 1 min hard, 2 min recovery, repeat).  Had some pain, but it was better than Tuesday.

Fri - Just an easy 2K walk with my dog who is recovering from an emergency spay surgery due to an infection.  She sure was eager to go though.

Sat - Crazy day!  Dragged a friend of mine out for a hike.  It was supposed to be a relatively easy 5K with one steep section.  It was actually a little too easy, although enjoyable.  HOWEVER, we ended up taking a wrong turn and as we had a tight time itinerary that we were already running late on, we ended up having to run an additional 3K of hilly terrain ... and were still late.  A couple hours later we went out and tried out a horse that I'm now leasing (YAY!).  Can't wait to be back in the saddle again.  After that we spent the night decorating a cake for my friends 4 yr old nephew.  It was a long day, but a lot of fun.

Sun - Went out for an easy 8.5K run with some friends.  Still having tightness issues and had to stop at about 5K and do a 10 minute stretch out.  I'm not getting soreness after runs, but rather my legs just keep getting tighter as I run.  I don't doubt that they were tight from the previous days activities, but I'm sure hoping for continued improvement.  I think the key is as soon as things start to get uncomfortable I need to stop and stretch it out.  It seems once I get a good stretch in, I'm good to go.

Tonight is supposed to be a clinic run, but there is no speaker so I think I'll skip it and run on my own, and get a few errands done.  I'd rather hit up the training run with the group tomorrow night instead.  It cost me $5-10 on fuel each time I have to drive to town, so I try to limit that as much as possible.

Sorry for the boring post.  Hopefully for my next one I can have some pics of the new horse!!



Nikki said...

Hmm, too bad about all the soreness and tightness! Hopefully the ART and extra stretching will help.

Nikki said...
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Fran said...

Not boring at all Heidi.

I'm so happy for you you are leasing a horse. I know how much you love to ride.

Too bad that running is still painful, must be so frustrating for you.

Jennifer said...

It is really nice to hear about your horses. Hope that you can run now. It's been a long time now and hope everything is okay. I'm still looking forward for your new posts. I am a fan of your blog.