Friday, December 4, 2009

Did it! And 5K here I come

YAHOO, I got out there today.  No more "tomorrow I'll exercise".  Today! 

Went to a drop in fitness class.  It's the same one I used to go to every week but the class never changes and after a while it just got too monotonous, and easy.  The music today was driving me absolutely batty.  It was this really repetitive background type music and it completely ground on my nerves.

But the class served it's purpose and that was to get me going again.  I feel GREAT today!

Of course it helps that it is absolutely GORGEOUS outside!!!!  We are currently making up for the crappy, rainy month of November.  Here's the forecast for next week. 

Not that it will be even close to accurate.  Around here they can't predict the next 48 minutes of weather, nevermind 48 hours or more.  Apparently this area is one of the hardest locations to predict weather due to the ocean and mountains and such.  Watching the weather forecast around here is pretty much a joke. 

So my poor friend Syl is running in the Santa Shuffle this weekend and expecting horrible wintery weather.  She left me this comment yesterday to motivate me:
Heidi, your buddy will be running in a HUGE STORM tomorrow..don't you feel sorry for me? I think the least you can do is get out and run a 5k tomorrow...I mean common it's Saturday....
there is that the push you needed :-)
You know what? She's right! The least I can do is run a 5K too. I was planning to do the Santa Shuffle out here this weekend too but given a few unexpected financial hits we've just had I can't justify paying for Garry & I to enter in this race when we can just run on our own. And since our weather is going to be fantastic then I have no excuse!

So ... tomorrow morning I'm going to go out and time myself on a 5K road run.  See how fast I can do it.  If it's not under 27 minutes you'll find me cowering in the corner crying - haha.

Syl, tomorrow I will be running with you.  I'll be wearing my bright pink jacket so keep your eyes peeled for me.



Syl said...

that a girl :-)
you made my day, I'm having a major meltdown regarding tomorrows run, minus 27 with the windchill and I don't even have a winter jacket!

KK @ Running Through Life said...

Good luck tomorrow!!! Have fun!

Syl said...

Don't forget to take pictures :-)

I'm so proud of you heidi, hope I wasn't to harsh, just thought i'd give you a little nudge!

Peter thinks I have completly lost my mind, i've been getting calls all day from friends telling me how crazy (stupid) I am, but unless I can't get out of my drive way I am running tomorrow!

Marcelle said...

Those gym classes sound like the Les Mills classes we have at our gym...same routine for 8 weeks, same music, I can teach the class after doing it for 4 weeks now...LOL

Enjoy the run tomorrow...

Fran said...

Did you enjoy your run today?

I got bored on the group classes in my gym too so I switched to my own fitness program and I never like fitness before but now I do. Just my own music and my own exercises and feeling great afterwards.

Marcelle said...