Thursday, December 3, 2009

Kicking Excuses to the Curb

Haven't blogged in a while and all you fellow bloggers know what that means .....  things haven't been ideal.  Though I can't say they've been completely bad.

Workouts have been sparse.  I have a million excuses, none of them really valid.  I ran last Tuesday, then not again until this Monday and last night I walked with a friend (instead of running as I'd planned).  Other than that I've had very little activity unless you include one day of reasonably heavy yardwork and a day of shopping. ;)

Eating has been ... OK.  I haven't journalled my eating completely for about 3 weeks now.  But I've tried to be mindful and I don't think it's been bad really.

The good news is my weight is holding.  The scale is fluctuating around the same numbers and is basically the same.

The bad news is my body is not. :(  I feel gushy - yuck!  My muscles need a workout.

Unfortunately tonight I have hours of bookkeeping that I'm working on. (just taking a short break to post what I typed up earlier)  But, tomorrow morning I plan to go to a fitness class or do a similar workout at home.  No matter what I've got going on I can't let this slide.

I have a new love ♥.  A while ago Susan posted about her new love ... her Magic Cookie.  I gave it a try and while it wasn't quite the thing for me, it did spark an interest in me for a great new breakfast I've been having.  Especially at this time of year I like something warm in my belly in the mornings.

1 cup water
1/2 cup oats
1 scoop chocolate protein powder
1 tablespoon peanut butter

I put the oats & water in a pot on med-low for about 5 minutes and then just before eating I stir in the protein powder and the peanut butter.

You may remember that I have a variety of peanut butter on hand, so it's easy to make this a little different when I want.  Of course you can always do add-ins, but I'm really like this just the way it is.  Sometimes I top it with a few sliced almonds and/or add some ground flax.

This breakfast holds me for a LONG time.

I need to make an effort to post more often.  I've still been following everyone else's blogs, I just didn't get to posting my own. 

AND ... I really NEED to make more of an effort in exercising and journalling.
I can NOT let those things slide!


Marcelle said...

Heidi....I hope you find your mojo again....its so worth it and I think you know that already..whenever i'm not in the mood to run I think of come on girl...I'm relying on you.

Susan (All Things In Moderation) said...

I swear protein powder is my new best friend!!!! I put it in anything I can and it definitely makes a difference when it comes to keeping the hunger at bay!

Syl said...

Heidi, your buddy will be running in a HUGE STORM tomorrow..don't you feel sorry for me? I think the least you can do is get out and run a 5k tomorrow...I mean common it's Saturday....
there is that the push you needed :-)