Monday, February 20, 2012


My year to date mileage is somewhere around .... hmmm, let me add it up.

 Give me a minute here.

Wait, maybe a minute more (this could take a while).

Ah yes, here we got it.

Less than 6 miles.  Yup, a whopping six miles for the entire 2012 so far.  Go ME!!

So why on earth did I suddenly get the urge today to want to do a 10K race in April?  Not that I can't.  I know I can.  But yeah, not sure where that came from.

Maybe it's because my hubby bought me this running jacket from Old Navy.  (He's been hinting pretty strongly that I need to start running again)

It's bright!  And has some reflective stripes on it.  It also has built-in headphones in the drawstrings which is kind of a neat feature.  Though if you know me much at all you'll know that I've been pretty against the whole "running with music" thing.  I've always said I enjoy listening to nature.  But perhaps this is the thing to draw me back in.  Time will tell!



Syl said...

do they come in Pink??? ;-)
So sweet of hubby I'm sure he misses his running buddy!
Go Heidi, I knew you would be back sooner or later ;-)

Nikki said...

Hmm, wish my hubby would buy me a running jacket! Which race are you going to do? I'm trying to fill up my race calendar in March/April/May...

Marcelle said...

No ways, I've run more than my running queen this year ;)
At least you back and now have a to run in April ( me to go to CT )
Love that jacket, and I love running with music!
Way you go girl xx

Tamara said...

The answer is bacon. Haha! Well it sure isn't Tostitos and cheese dip apparently. :) Cool jacket. Nice gift for sure. 10 k in April sounds great.

Fran said...

You have plenty of time to get ready for a 10K in April. I've planned one too that month and I haven't run that much this year either.

Love the jacket. I never run without music. It motivates me when it's tough.

Welcome back to running!

Missy said...

YAY for taking the plunge and signing up for the race! Nothing like a race to get your booty moving again ;o) Miss ya, friend!