Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Yoga still a No-No

Well, I finally did it.  I went to a Yoga class (that popular one I mentioned).  I can say with completely clarity that it is NOT for me.  I hated pretty much every moment of it.

Started off the class sitting cross legged and practicing breathing in and out for 5 minutes while letting the "stress of the day float away".  Hey ... I had a pretty stress free day, I don't feel the need to let anything float away.  I guess the actual class (where we did things) wasn't so bad, other than the instructor.  She spoke so quietly that I couldn't hear anything she said.  Then she walked around with her eyes half closed, half rolled back into her head ... walking like she had the worst flu in the world and every step hurt.  I guess it was supposed to be relaxing, but it did nothing for me.  It all felt very fake.

At the end of class she shut down the lights and we were to lay completely still and silent.  For a while she was murmuring things to us (that I could barely hear).  Something came over me and I got the worst case of giggles.  This hum-dee-dum stuff just isn't for me.  The girl who came with me nailed it when she said, "The most exercise I got was trying not to fart in the downward dog".  That about sums it up for me.

I know a lot of people do it, and love it ... but it's just not for me and I won't be trying again.  I guess I have no connection with my spiritual side.  If I need some quiet time I'll put on a candle and drink a cup of tea.  For the strength and stretching aspect, well the class didn't do it for me, so I can find lots of other ways for that.

On the flip side ..... I started a Zumba class last week with my daughter, her boyfriend's Mom & his sister.  It was AWESOME!  I've tried a little Zumba before and thought it was OK, but not outstanding.  Then my daughter said she wanted to try it so I signed us up, thinking it would at least be a nice time with my daughter and all, but maybe not the best workout.  Boy was I wrong!!!

It was one of the toughest and funnest workouts I've ever done.  The instructor is this teeny tiny little Hispanic woman from Miami, Florida and boy can she move.  FULL of energy and just kept us going, going, going!  I looked absolutely ridiculous and clumsy, but if I avoided looking in the mirror then it was a ton of fun.  I felt all kinds of muscles I haven't in a long time.

Also .... the other day my SIL asked me about getting into running.  She's considering entering a 18-20Km race although she's never run before.  I offered to create a training plan for her.  Then it hit me ... I really need this training plan for myself.  I'm at ground zero with my running.  Sure I've been doing fitness classes, but running is a different beast and I am not in running condition.  So, the other day, I started following the plan with a basic run 3 minutes, walk 2 minutes x 6 sets.  When I started off the run felt great and I thought I'd only take/need 1 min walk breaks .... but I quickly ate my words and let myself fully enjoy those 2 minute breaks as I sure needed them.

Tomorrow will be another run day.  Right now it's all gonna be on the treadmill as it's disgusting outside, and I don't have the motivation to get out in that kind of weather.  The other day I was driving along and saw two women running in the rain mixed with snow and I thought to myself  "was I REALLY that crazy?".  Of course at the time I just thought I was dedicated, but at this point in my life I'm thinking I must have been a little insane. Funny how the stages of your life can change.  At this point even if I was running regular, if it was that disgusting out I think I'd just opt for a different type of exercise rather than face the cold and wet.

Hope everyone is having a great week.  I've been kind of quiet in blog-land, but I'm still around.

Take care!



Lynsey said...

You summary of the yoga class made me laugh. I'd be the same way. I can do it once in a while in my own home with a dvd but it's Jillian so how relaxed can it really be.

Good luck with the running! Oh, and Zumba is fun! I did it a couple times last summer and wish they offered it here more often.

Susan said...

Too bad you didn't enjoy yoga, but like you said, different strokes for different folks, at least you gave it a try! And in the end, it really doesn't matter what your doing, as long as your moving!

Fran said...

You gave yoga a try and it didn't work. I have a yoga DVD but I came to the conclusion that I don't like it that much either. I've also got some yogalates DVD (combi yoga with Pilates) which I like much more and decided to drop the yoga. I'm not a spiritual person either, down-to-earth like you, that's more me.

I discovered Zumba recently too, bought a DVD set and I love it. It's a great workout but it doesn't feel that way, it's fun.

And back to running too. That's great news, you'll be back in shape in no time.

Except for the yoga thing you sound so positive and do things you love and that's how it's supposed to be.

Anonymous said...

u like what u like! nothing wrong with that!
and Zumba is great. you can dance ur stress away! hahah

misszippy said...

Huge believer in finding what clicks for us, so I think you are making the right move by walking away from yoga. Good luck with the running.

Will said...

never liked yoga...much prefer hill repeats!

Will said...

never liked yoga...much prefer hill repeats!

Nej said...

I've taken different yoga classes from different instructors....and, after a few classes from each, I would never go back. Recently I took a Yoga 4 Runners seminar (5 classes focusing on basics and then major muscle groups - legs, arms, abs, back). I absolutely LOVE the instructor, and have been going twice a week now (for her regular classes) for a number of months. She's talks in a normal tone, we all comment and laugh during class, it's very comfy and welcoming....not to mention a KILLER workout. Yes, we do the lay down and be quiet thing at the end of the class...but by then, we all really need the cool down. I can't believe how much stronger I've gotten, and how much more flexible my tight hamstrings (curse of a runner) have loosened up.

I totally know what you mean about having bad class experiences. I went to one that spent that last "corpse pose" quiet time talking about how we need to visualize our dead bodies deteriorating. The skin "sluffing" off of the muscle, the muscle falling off the bone, etc, etc. Once she mentioned worms hubby and I couldn't take it any more. The giggles took over...and we never went back. :-)

Nikki said...

Hey Heidi! The outlet is over in Burnaby just off River Road I think. Google it and you'll find directions. It was totally worth the drive out there!

Anonymous said...

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