Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Eeekkkk .... Out out of my Comfort Zone

Well that certainly was out of my comfort zone.  Last night was the first night of the clinic.  I arrived and it seemed everyone else knew what they were doing, or had come with a friend.  There I was, alone and nervous.  I've never been to one of these clinics so didn't know how it worked.  There was a lot of people there, which I later learned was because there was 3 clinics on.

At the beginning I was very confused.  I didn't know if you ran on clinic nights, or just met up.  And I didn't know where to go when all the people went outside of the store and divided up.  I eventually found my group and felt like a tool because I had brought my purse with me (which I later stashed in my car and grabbed my run pack). At least I had dressed for a run, just in case.

We just did a 3K run at a very, very slow pace.  It was actually much slower than I expected, and to be honest I was relieved.  At first I felt so uncomfortable.  Everyone seemed to either know each other or at least had come with someone.  I was alone.  Eventually one woman sidled on up to me and engaged in conversation.  I really appreciated that.  From there on I had tidbits of conversations with a few of the runners.

But, most importantly, I made it!  Quite well actually.  I thought I would suffer some, but once I settled into a rhythm it was good.  Tonight is a drop-in run and we're supposed to do 3K tempo which will be a little more challenging.  Then on the weekend it's 7K.  We'll see how that goes.



Marcelle said...

What's up...did I miss something....what u doing?

Missy said...

Good for you for getting there and doing it! That would be an intimidating situation. Glad you stuck with it - and you'll likely make some running buddies in the process. Good for you, friend!

Fran said...

Well done Heidi! After a couple of runs with your group you will know the people and you won't feel alone.

It takes courage to go to these things alone and you did it!

Unknown said...

What clinic did you sign up for? Even though my husband was in my first clinic I still felt totally confused and alone because I was so inexperienced and so much slower than everyone. Can't wait to hear which one you joined! It gets better, I promise...

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