Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Haven't posted on here in a few weeks, but things are going great. I'm finally starting to see losses again - wahoo! Didn't reach my goal of being under 155 for my birthday, but I'm getting pretty close now and I'm pretty sure I'll be there before Christmas.

I got a cool new thing for my birthday - a fancy schmancy insulated lunch bag. It's made by Elle and it looks like a pretty cool purse. I just LOVE it. My MIL bought it for me but I picked it out - hahaha. Though I probably should have picked one slightly bigger, it seemed big enough in the store, but once I start packing my containers it fills up pretty quick.

Here's a pic of it:

Got hit with a flu a week and a half ago and that knocked me out for a bit. Still struggling with congestion, which sucks! But I've continued to exercise and it actually makes me feel better when I do.

I'm happy the scale has started to move again, but to be honest I couldn't pinpoint a change I've made that has made it go. Maybe I truly was in a plateau and have moved through - let's hope!

I have been pretty diligent about being aware of my true hunger levels. I've had a few nights where instead of supper I've had some chopped up veggies and a cup of tea - but that's because I truly wasn't very hungry and just sort of felt like munching. And the other day I was having a MAJOR chocolate craving. I seriously spent about 15 minutes in Shoppers Drug Mart trying to decide what would be "worth it". I could not find something that I felt would be worth the indulgence and finally settled on a 100 calorie Cadbury Almond Thins bar (I love those). And it was just right!!! I really wanted super smooth chocolate over whole hazelnuts, but it wasn't there. So I decided to go for the small reasonable indulgence rather than wasting 5 (or more) points on something that I didn't truly want.

I've also had pasta quite a bit lately. I know, pasta, how can that be something to help move the scale? But not just any pasta! I love pasta, plain is really the best - and of course alfredo is pretty darn good too. Plain I could probably eat 3 or more cups without even blinking an eye. Now ... with a red sauce, not so much - it just becomes OK for me, the first few bites are great but the rest, bleh. My husband loves it though (and thinks I'm amazing even though I just pour on a jar of premade sauce). So a few weeks back I made it and just had a 1 cup portion. And I found that it feeds my carby, pasta craving, but because I don't absolutely LOVE the red sauce, I don't overeat it - but I still enjoy it! I've been experimenting with sauces and last night I found a super spicy sauce that is wonderful. I really enjoyed it, but again - after 1 cup I'm done and don't want anymore. Lasagna is the same for me, I like about a 1 or 2" square and after that I can't stand the taste. HAHA self-controlling foods - gotta love it.

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