Friday, January 2, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! Bring on 2009!

Here we are, a new year, a fresh start - it's wonderful. Made it through the holidays with only a 1.6 lb gain, which I think is not too bad. I was up a little bit more, but some of it must have been water gain.

Got a bad cold, again - grrr! Once again it's hit me square between the eyes. Hopefully it doesn't stick around too much. The last two days no medicine could touch it and give me any relief, that sucked.

Had a nice new Year's at my sister in law's house. She had a bunch of friends over and they seemed like a nice crowd. Just wish I hadn't felt so awful so I could have been a bit more social, oh well, another time.

My sister got me a 3 month journal from weight watchers with the Canadian food guide & restaurant guide, and a little book with recipe/meal ideas. Today was the kick off for that. I got up this morning, recorded my weight & measurements. Set my next couple of goals and am raring to go. Gotta love this time of year for that.

Boot camp starts up again next week and I'm eager to get back to that. By then this cold should have cleared mostly (I hope). This morning I lifted a basket of laundry and struggled, obviously I'm just a "little" weak today :).

Today I'm going to start packing up the Christmas decorations and give my gym a good cleaning (it's getting pretty gross down there).

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