Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Seems no one is around today - hmmm. Very quiet around all the boards/blogs that I visit. Figures since I'm bored out of my gazoo today!

Did my terrible three last night and saw some great improvements from 3 weeks ago.

Wall Sit - went from 2:30 to 4:00 minutes
Plank - went from 2:00 to 3:00 minutes
Push-ups went from 25 (angled against a picnic table) to 40 girly push-ups. Then later on (after I'd worked out for a while) I tried "real" push-ups and did 6 - though I think I could do better than that if I tried them before I got tired. Next time I'll just start with the real ones as it would seem I've mastered the girly ones.

Did the activity challenge last night of exercising through commercials. Did it through a 1/2 hour show earlier on in the afternoon, then through the entire 2 hours of Biggest Loser. WOW - that's alot of commercial time. It was actually kind of fun - even if the kids did think I was a bit nuts. Certainly didn't need to keep the fire stoked last night :)

I'm bound and determined to see a loss tomorrow. The last 2 days in a row have showed a gain though so I'm quite apprehensive. At this rate I don't know how I'll be under 155 for my birthday in just over 2 weeks. And I wanted under 150 by the new year. Wonder if there's a limb I could have removed - hahhahaha. It has to be water retention, though I can't feel or see it. I started doing some reading again on the South Beach Diet today. I tried it a couple years ago and couldn't really stick to it, but even what I did do I lost some, and I wasn't in the frame of mind that I am now. I "think" my diet is OK, but maybe that's the problem and I need to try something new. Always such a guessing game. I personally know a couple people who have done it and had amazing results, long term too. There's just a few things I don't completely agree with and struggle with. Seems that certain foods (like potatoes) are completely forbidden and I know that I wouldn't give them up. But maybe if I just did the 2 week Phase 1 to give myself a little boot ... I don't know .....