Monday, March 7, 2011

I Did It!!!!!

You know ... it's one thing to cram for a test, quite another to cram for a half marathon.  But apparently that's what I'm doing.

Let's work with some dates:

1 week until my half marathon
Almost 4 weeks since my last run

Hmmm, not intelligent! :)

Yesterday was kind of do or die.  I either got out for a run and got my butt back in gear, or I could start officially labelling myself a non-runner.

The plan was to run with a friend, but we miscommunicated and she made other plans.  That left me to wrestle with my self motivation ... which as you may be aware has been woefully lacking lately.

It took me an hour and a half to get out the door - but I went!  It wasn't pretty, I can't honestly say that I LOVED it or that I've missed it.  I AM glad I went out though.  But, by the time I was done I did feel a little more motivated and it wasn't quite as dreadful as it started out. 

In fact ..... with every mile I unintentionally got faster! BONUS!!!  I ran 1.5 miles, walked 5 minutes and repeated that for a total of 6 miles.  My legs are reminding me today that almost 4 weeks off is NOT smart.  The pace was 9:07, but that did NOT include the walk breaks, so it's not realistic.  My plan for the race is to run a much slower pace and maintain it throughout the race.  Probably walk the water stations or as needed, but in shorter spurts (ie not 5 minutes).

Tonight I'm running again with a friend and will run at a slower pace.  I just need to get through this race, it will not be about a finish time.

Friday night I also went with the kids and my niece & nephew to a gymnastics club.  It's been a LONG time since I've gone and I'm feeling that in my upper back a bit still.  It's scary how quickly you can get out of shape.  But I know if I keep to it, it will come back quickly.

Keep Active!



Katie said...

Yayyy for getting back at it! Good Luck in your half!

Syl said...

It makes me very happy that you got back out their Heidi.
I have no doubt in my mind that your half will be great!
Welcome back my friend

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

YAY! You will get right back into it - if that is what you truly want.

You are an awesome runner - all of your knowledge about prior races will help you, I'm sure.

BTW, your advice about the 1/2 size sneakers paid off - toenails still on (and now covered with a lovely purple nail polish!). Thanks for your help!

Marlene said...

GREAT job getting it done! The first run back is always the hardest.

misszippy said...

Good luck getting back in the saddle...never easy!

Anonymous said...

YAYAYAYAYAYAY! Way to get out there and get it done! Your legs will remember all that you have done before so don't worry about bouncing back. You are doing great~!

Terri said...

My plan for Disney when I had the back injury was to run every other mile; maybe that's an option for you? Good luck, whatever you decide!

Fran said...

Welcome back at running Heidi! I'm happy to see you got your first run in again! Great job!

Watch your mailbox, I hope a little encouragement for your half will arrive before Sunday.

You are going to do fine on your half, no doubt about that.

Marcelle said...

YOUR RUNNING!!!!!!!!!!
was great to have FB as you could share this news with me while I was in bed, ready for lala land...

That was a fast pace you ran....I remember taking 6 weeks off and running again, I felt like a total beginner, you dont which is fantastic.

Enjoy your run today with your friend.
I'm going out this morning with two girls from the neighborhood...

Nej said...

I hate that you're battling with motivation issues...but at the same time, misery loves company. It's nice to hear from someone else that just isn't as "in to it" as they have been in the past. This winter season has had it's way with me. I'm done....kapoot....over it. Spring could (and stick around) any day now. :-)

You'll get back into it!! I'm sure that this next week will be the boost you need!!!

Missy said...

Good for you for getting back into it. I'm sure it was challenging after a break to feel great - but you did it! I know your half will go wonderfully.