Sunday, March 13, 2011

What's bigger, your ego or your brain?

So ... when is a race recap not a race recap??  When no race was run!

Yup, you heard right.  I didn't run my race. 

I had everything ready to go.  Clothes laid out.  Running pack all loaded.  Garmin charged and ready to go.  Pins on bib.  All I needed was me.

The alarm was set for 6:40 (Which I set the time but actually forgot to turn the alarm on, but then remembered halfway through the night).  I awoke to the alarm going off AND my cell phone ringing.  It was my running pal. 

She said ... have you seen outside?  It's crap!  Do you still wanna go?  I told her that I did.  Then she uttered those words that crack me ... Are you sure?  It's bad.  I'll go, if you wanna go.  But honestly I don't want to get sicker (she's just getting over bronchitis) so if you don't want to then I'm totally fine with it.  I told her I'd think about it for a minute, then call her back.  She's not one to back out of things easily, and we've done ALOT of running in miserable weather.  So her giving me an out, I figured she really didn't want to be out there.

So I crawled back into bed and relayed the conversation to my husband ... as I listened the the rain pelting sideways against the window and the wind howling.  He said if it was him he wouldn't go.  I asked if it was because of the weather, or the lack of training ... or both.  He said the weather - which surprised me cause he's a pretty tough cookie and I didn't think rain would deter him.  We are rather used to copious amounts of rain in these parts! :(

Then he said, "What's bigger ... your ego or your brain?"  I could go out in disgusting weather, untrained - just because I had signed up and because if I didn't go I'd have to tell a bunch of people that I'd bailed.  Or, I could chalk this whole mess up to it not being the right time and stay dry and warm. 

Not to give myself an easy out here, but I have had a slight sore throat the last couple days and a few days ago I was a bit lightheaded.  My boss has been horribly sick all week and I've been afraid I was catching it.  After the decisions was made and I spent 5-10 minutes more questioning myself and almost changing my mind .. I fell fast and deep asleep until 10:30.  Apparently I needed some sleep.

It rained HARD all morning and as of right now I don't regret not going at all.  If I had trained for it and had something to prove, then yes, I think I would have gone.  But everything was stacked against me and I really didn't see what point I'd be making just going out there and suffering through it.

There will be other races.  One's that I will actually be prepared for.  One's that I'll be willing to suffer through miserable weather for, because I have true goals that I've set and am prepared to conquer.  Today was not that day.  Sorry if I disappoint, but today this was the choice for me.  I'm not regretting it.



Fran said...

I think you made the right decision here Heidi. It's like you say yourself: if you were properly trained the weather wouldn't have been an issue.

I know that I would have made the same decision if I were in your shoes yesterday.

And yes there will be other races and you are going to rock them.

Promise me one thing though: keep running my friend now that you're back at it.

Marcelle said...

I would never have gone either...but thats me...I dislike running in the rain or any bad I so get where you were that morning....

misszippy said...

You made a mature decision...I loved what your husband said. We're in this for fun, after all, so why do it if it would have been a miserable experience?

Marlene said...

It sounds like you made the right call. No guilt, just brains!

Anonymous said...

ur husband was right. ego vs brain. im glad that your brain won!
there will be other races. lots of them. no point of going out there and either hurting urself or getting sick. that will put u out for much longer.
and hey, so what if u paid probably went to a good cause anyways.
dont worry about it. keep on running and you will be running the next race before you know it. ie. my and linzi's shamrock race next weekend, riiiiiiight????

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Rain going sideways with a howling wind? Yeesh - I wouldn't want to go out in that!

Like you said, it wasn't as if this race was critical part of your life. There will be tons of other races in your future if you choose to keep running races...and if not, you'll move onto something else.

Do what makes you happy - maybe you'll just start running for races, no pressure, just whatever feels good to you.

I liked the question your husband asked, too (ego vs brain).

Great job, Heidi!

New Outlook Fitness said...

You did what you felt was right!

Missy said...

No disappointment lady - you made the best decision. Running in that weather could have been dangerous and not great for your health. Just not good conditions for a run, let alone a long race. And obviously you're body needed some rest since you fell asleep hard for hours. Good decision!!!

Nej said...

Nothing wrong with it just plain not being in the cards. The universe was trying to throw all kinds of signs to you, and apparently the final flood of 2011 was enough to convince you to stay home. (giggle)

Your next half will be awesome!!!!!

Terri said...

You have to go with your gut, and it sounds like you did the right thing!

Syl said...

I'm pretty sure this happened for a reason Heidi. Maybe it was just someone's way of saying "don't do it!". There will be other races and you are going to do so great.
Sucks non the less, sorry you didn't get to run!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry too much about it Heidi. I think you made the right decision for you at the time. I won't give you a hard time unless you don't run in Aneta and I's race! LOL! Just kidding! :)