Monday, March 28, 2011

Beach Day

Hey all.  Nothing too exciting in my world.

Finally getting some warmer temperatures and a bit of sunshine in between the rain showers.  I really shouldn't complain when most of the rest of the country is still getting plummetted with snow, or can't even see their lawn.

This weekend we had an especially nice day so I did a little outing with my daughter and we went for a walk at the beach. 

Little Miss Tia loves getting out on adventures

The tide was way out and there was lots of shells scattered around

Me & my little girl

Shortly after this I even got warm enough to strip down to my tank. 
(sorry Syl ... I know how much that upsets you - teehee)
Sure was nice to soak up a few rays of Vitamin D!

Probably would have been a great day to get out for a run ... but this was quite enjoyable.  Didn't accomplish any runs this weekend, but did to a ton of spring cleaning.  It's in the air ... what can I say. ;)  I may not be running much, but I am being active.



kimert said...

I love the pics! You look great. Glad you were able to get out and enjoy the warmth!

Tricia said...

great pics!

Fran said...

I missed your posts!

Looks like you had a great day together with your little girl.
Boy you sure look alike, she's almost as pretty as her Mom.

Heidi you look fantastic!

Nej said...

Very jealous of your weather!! We got another 6 inches this weekend. :-)

You look fabulous in those pics!!!

Syl said...

ha ha Heidi ;-). What I really meant to say was I'm so glad your getting some sunshine ;-).
You are gorgeous and so is your daughter! Hopefully you can get out for a run soon.
We are actually suppose to warm up to about 7 degrees this week, hope to get in many runs to make up for a week "off" ;-).

Missy said...

Looks like a great day at the beach!! You and your daughter look so much alike!!

misszippy said...

I envy your taste of spring! Here in Md we seem to have a return to winter. Boo!

Marlene said...

You are your daughter are both GORGEOUS!

Marcelle said...

Hey SEXY Mama!!!!!!
Saw these pics on FB and left a comment there as, you are looking so hot...who cares about the weather...with you around its going to be a good day!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the pics and glad you are enjoying the nice temps! I feel like your hair has gotten so long. Maybe I just haven't seen a pic in a while. Either way looks great!! :)

Terri said...

Need to get on the spring cleaning here, too. Looks like you had a great day!