Friday, November 18, 2011

First Snow

We got out first snow of the season last night...

(picture from this morning, stolen from my daughter)

Not quite enough for us to do our snow removal, but hopefully the start of a long season!

It started just after work last night and came down pretty quick and hard.  There was about 2" of wet, slippery snow on the road last night as we headed out to boot camp, speaking of which...

Last night I took a boot camp class with my daughter, her boyfriend, and his Mom.  I'm trying to encourage my daughter to get more active, and her boyfriend has been feeling unfit since he's not doing much physical work these days.  So I roped them into committing to a minimum of 5 bootcamp classes with me.  Hopefully they will get the bug and continue.

I hadn't taken this particular class in a while, and it was a good one.  It's only 45 minutes long, but you go, go, go the whole time.  As usual I can feel the results of the squats & lunges.  But it's a good feeling!



Marcelle said...

Just today I was thinking to myself...* Please dont let the snow arrive while I'm still here *
I cannot face the stuff this year...I know when I get back it will be here for me...but...but..first sun and beach awaits!!!!!!! :)

I wondered how the Bootcamp class went...was looking out for word ~ thanks...its good that you are encouraging your daughter and her boyfriend....set them on the right food into adult life...

Marlene said...

You are one of the only people I know wishing for a long and snowy season. :)

We got our first snow too, though it lasted all of a couple hours on the ground.

Happy Weekend!

Fran said...

I'm definitely not jealous of the snow you guys got. Hope it will pass my country this year.

How cool that you all went to Bootcamp, must have been fun to do it together.