Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Week One

Week One:  Down 2.7 lbs

It's a decent start, especially considering I still have lots of changes to make.  I haven't been completely faithful to my 30 days of fitness, but there has been some fitness ... including Miss Jillian Michaels.  I was given an old laptop that I decided to use in my gym to play fitness videos.  Unfortunately I blew up the computer trying to "clean it up".  ARGH!  Oh well, it was short lived and fun while it lasted.  I can't get it to turn on now, and it's not worth taking in to get fixed.

New Years was fun.  The kids had a "few" ;) friends over, and we were all up very, very late ... but it was a good time.  I'll spare you the pictures on that one - heehee.  Now life goes back to normal and it's time to put the fun times behind us and get down to business.

Today I am back to work after being off since before Christmas.  It sucks!  I must say I quite enjoyed my days off with no agenda.  Unfortunately I've been staying up much (MUCH) too late and sleeping in late, so this morning was killer.  It's late afternoon now and I can't wait to get home and have a little nap on the couch.

The best change I've made this past week is to add water back into my life.  I got a cute smoothie cup for Christmas and have been using it to drink water.  It's funny how something like a new cup can help with that.

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Years and I wish everyone the best for 2012.



Syl said...

Congrats on the loss my friend, keep up the great work!!

Susan said...

I'm seeing the big difference putting the water back into my life is making too! Your right, we are strong and we can do this, we've done it before, there's no reason we can't do it again!

Michelle said...

I'm on day 16 of Jillian Michaels Shred. Just moved to Level 3. Blah!
Happy new year! Keep it up!

Fran said...

I think a loss in a holiday week is a fantastic result!

I hear you on getting back to work. I didn't like the alarm clock much either yesterday when it went off at 5.15 am.

Here's to a great second week Heidi!

Anonymous said...

congrats and good luck!
i need more water in my life too!

i just gave my Jillian video to my mom. I need to find another 'friend' to make me sweat! haha

happy new year hon!

Runner Mom said...

Great job on the loss! Always a battle after the holidays! I too am pumping the water, trying to drink half my weight in ounces daily. Lots of bathroom breaks, but I know it helps me while on my runs and helps in dropping pounds!

Tamara said...

I can relate to the cup thing for sure. I lost my favourite water bottle at work and I haven't drank enough water since! Good for you on the loss!

Shannon said...

Would you be able to add an email subscription button to your blog so that I could follow you by email??? :)


Fran said...

Woohoo my friend you made it to the best 100 running blogs of 2012!



Missy said...

Congrats on the great loss. Glad you had a fun New Years! Transitioning back to work is always a challenge...blah. Hope you're having a great week!!