Friday, January 13, 2012

Yoga? No-ga.

Well, I finally decided I would give Yoga a shot.  I've been anti-Yoga for some time.  I just don't get the whole "become one with yourself" kind of thing.  When they start talk about opening yourself to the sun and such I just zone out.  But ... tons of people love it and say there are a ton of benefits.  And, given how stupidly stiff I've been, I figure it probably wouldn't hurt.

So our local community club offers these free trial classes from time to time (I've mentioned them before) and I was signed up for a session last night.  They offered Yoga, Pilates, Abs Only, Bootcamp & Zumba.  They overlap though so you can only take two or three classes at most.

I decided to bite the bullet and try Yoga.  However, when I arrived I was sent in a general direction to the Yoga room.  Walked in and found two of my friends already there waiting.  The instructor walked in, introduced herself, then asked who had done Pilates before.  WHAT?  Oops!  I thought my friends were taking Yoga too, but nope, they had gone for the Pilates.

I actually did get up and go check out the other room that actually WAS doing Yoga.   However, there were only 2 people in there and they were both probably in their late 60's.  I decided to go back to Pilates. :)  Quite enjoyed it.  I used to take Pilates classes and realized yesterday that I quite miss it.

Will have to give the yoga another shot.  There is a drop-in class that is quite popular.  Maybe that's the one to go to.  Another day Yoga .... another day!



Nikki said...

Ya, I've just never been into Yoga either. Pilates is cool and our community centres do a pretty decent job at teaching the classes.

Fran said...

I love Pilates more than yoga but I am doing a yoga DVD from time to time because it's really good for my muscles. I'm probably one of the most down to earth people there is and the "become with yourself" thing is totally waisted on me too. My DVD's are pretty down to earth too so I like them but ... it's definitely not my favorite workout.

Anonymous said...

yep hard to do that "open up to ones self" stuff. You are your mothers daughter LOL Luff Ma

Tamara said...

I am so with you on the become one with the universe stuff. Although from a physical persective there is no arguing the benefits. But yoga in a group setting is off putting. All that lying around with strangers.... ick.

Anonymous said...

That is funny that you ended up in the wrong class..obviously it wasn't meant to be at that time. I do urge you to give yoga a try (go a couple of times) before you decide how you feel. I think the benefits are something that you won't necessarily feel instantly -- but as you run and do other fitness your body will thank you! :)

Missy said...

For sure give yoga a shot - I love it (but it's not for everyone). Hope you liked the Pilates class!!

Tamara said...

Email me woman!

Anonymous said...

i love me some yoga. i feel like its a great compliment to running and it really relaxes me! i need to do more of it!

ps. tagged you, heidi! check out my blog!