Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oh yeah!!! They just posted the race results and I did better than I thought. I must have misunderstood when they told me my time. It's posted on the results page as 49:04 - 50 seconds less than I thought. WOW! And the top 5 finishers - 3 of them were National Cross Country runners and 2 of them were sub 4 minute mile runners. WOW!

So I don't know what's going on with the scale, actually it's not the scale - it's me - I checked on another scale just to be sure. Monday's weight 153.4, Tuesday - 155.4 (2 lb gain), Wed - 156.4 (another 1 lb gain). I'm hoping it's just hormones or whatever, but it's awfully discouraging. I have dug into the candies a little bit the last 2 days, but I accounted for them and am totally within my points allowed.

This week is challenging with all these candies around. My son's soccer club has a tournament this weekend and I'm in charge of the team food packages - which includes candy bags. I find it very challenging to not dig into them, I LOVE candies! Hopefully I'm sick of them now.

My SIL just announced her Wine Tour weekend with the girls and I plan on going this year. A weekend of being in the sun (aka bathing suits) with a group of women who are all in pretty good shape. I can feel my insecurities coming on already. SO ... I'll just have to work extra hard so I can push those nasty thoughts away and out of my mind.

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Lisa said...

Congrats on the race results!! Heck, congrats on being IN the race lol!!

by the way, i love your profile pic!!