Saturday, July 4, 2009

Annivery & Running Milestone, oh and a pretty good weigh in

Today is our 17th wedding anniversary. We were married July 4th, 1992 when I was 19. If you'd asked me on that day what I would be doing on my 17th anniversary I can guarantee you the answer would not have been - RUNNING 19.2 Km (12 miles).

Yep, that's what we did this morning!!!

I wanted to get my monthly weigh in done at weight watchers today before we go away. I got this crazy idea in my head that I would run to my meeting, then run/walk back home. It's 9.6Km each way - plus my driveway is about 400M, so call it 10K if you want (though we walked the driveway). My husband decided he'd come along with me.

We made it there in 55 minutes which means I've definitely improved on my pace. Especially since it was very easy running and I wasn't pushing for any speed records, this run was just about getting it done. Coming home was a little slower. It was getting HOT out and my muscles were trying to go on strike. We walked a couple short walks, especially up a steep hill, and took one water break at an old gas station. It took us 64 min to come home. So about 2 hours return.

This distance is just a bit short of a half marathon and I feel very confident that I can complete that. I also think that by fall (when I plan to do it) I can finish in about 2:15, probably even less. I admit it would be a dream to finish in under 2 hours.


Also, I just might meet my goal before we leave on Thursday. This mornings weigh-in (at home before we left) was 150.8 ---- the lowest I've been on this journey. That's a loss of 1.2 for this week. I'm going to try my hardest for the next few days. Even if I don't make it, I know I have given it my everything and I'm proud of what I've done.


Susan said...

Wow ! Your doing amazing ! Proof that hard work and patience pays off ! And Happy Anniversary !!!

Syl said...

happy anniversary!

Cammy said...

Belated happy anniversary wishes!

Awesome run! I love your determination!