Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Olive Garden Plan of Attack

Tomorrow is my last work day before vacation. My co-worker is retiring the day before I get back from holidays. So tomorrow is the last day she thinks that she'll see me (we have a surprise party planned for just after she's retired). I suggested to my boss that we do something sort of special tomorrow because I know she's not expecting ANYTHING at all, plus it just seems kind of weird for me to work all day then just say Bye, have a good life! The owner is away on business and it's just my boss, my co-worker & I (very small company).

He suggested we go to the Olive Garden. ACCK!!! I LOVE the Olive Garden, like too much. My favourite is their soup & salad special and I could easily eat a bowl of each type of soup and an entire large multi-serving bowl of salad to myself. Not to mention the breadsticks at 3 pts each! I know the salad is probably loaded with fat too. I'm not much of a pasta person, unless it's covered in a fatty cream sauce.

So I'm going to ban myself from breadsticks, not even one bite, it just leads to more. Also, no wasted calories on pop or drinks - it will be water and herbal tea. I'll have ONE bowl of minestrone soup and ONE bowl of salad. That's about what I eat for lunch normally and I have to stick to that. I'm so close to reaching my vacation goal and this one meal is not worth messing it up. Especially since the morning after I'll be doing my last weight check.

Be strong Heidi! Keep your eyes on the prize!


Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

You can totally do this! I agree, no breadsticks. One bite and its all downhill for me! Drink a lot of water and do the one soup & salad thing. The biggest thing is mind over matter. Your tummy will probably be very content with the soup & salad but your mind will convince (or try to convince) yourself otherwise. Be smart & HAVE FUN!!!

Syl said...

you see Heidi this is why I love you so much! What a great plan of attack! Stay strong!

Cammy said...

Excellent plan of attack!

At OG, when I'm not splurging on chicken parm, I go for the grilled rosemary chicken and the salad. I have 1/2 or a whole breadstick just as I'm finishing my dinner.

But I do understand the goal-focus just now. :)

Tiffany said...

Yum. I love the Olive garden. Went there while I was on my trip. Sounds like you are totally ready for it. You'll do just fine. Enjoy!