Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Some Bad Choices

Happy Canada Day!

Didn't do anything terribly special around here. My husband brought over a couple of his employees and they did some major clean-up around here. We're lining the edge of one of our ponds with large rocks. Here's a progress pic. My son is operating the smaller machine - he just turned 15 in May.
And some of our beautiful water lilies...

Also didn't do anything terribly active today either. No running, no weights, no biking. I did some housekeeping and ran some errands, but nothing I'd call exercise.

I did manage to stay within my points today ... but (huge BUT), I really did not make many healthy choices.

I've been reading about the health benefits of dark chocolate so decided to give it a try today. I'm not normally a dark chocolate person, but I want to try to have a piece here and there to see if it satisfies cravings.

I found this AMAZING chocolate today...

It was extremely, extremely good. I had 2 squares (which is about 100 calories). The spicy chili in it is a perfect touch. I will have to be careful with this to limit myself, but I think it's doable. For today though, I shared it with the family and it's all gone now - heeheee.

As the day progressed however, I just didn't feel like cooking or preparing food and I ended up having a bag of cheddar popcorn (really quite gross),
then a small bowl of chocolate ice cream with almond slivers. Just a half cup, so a reasonable portion. But I feel gross after having eaten this.
I actually can't wait until tomorrow so I can get back to some vegetables. Even if I have to be late for work tomorrow, I WILL pack a healthy lunch of healthy foods. It makes me feel SO much better.


skinny me! said...

your pond looks amazing! Do you live in the country? Lucky you! and don't be too hard on yourself...those snacks weren't too bad at all :) I was actually eyeing that VERY chocolate bar in the grocery store this week. Will have to try it out!

Syl said...

isn't it funny how when you eat that kind of stuff you instantly feel bad. Not guilty bad, just don't feel well bad! Just take it as a lesson on how far you have come.
Tomorrow is a new day!