Friday, October 23, 2009

Died And Gone to Peanut Butter Heaven!

Oh my .... oh MY!!!!!  I have died and gone to peanut butter heaven.

Every year we have a Women's Show  here and there are always lots of neat products to check out.  The highlight for me this year was peanut butter.  The flavours they had were amazing!  Also, all natural and organic to boot.

I ended up bringing home SIX jars of this stuff.

Banana, Cinnamon Currant (got two of that - sooo goood!), Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Cranberry, and Carmel. 

I probably should have gotten two of the caramel.  It is amazing!  I can not wait to mix this into some oatmeal or red river cereal ... or just enjoy on a nice piece of toast.  Mmmm, mmmm, mmmmm.

Other than that there wasn't anything superbly amazing.

Had a FANTASTIC workout last night.  I totally prefer to exercise outdoors when I can, but in doing so, I don't hit the weights as often as I should.  If I have to exercise indoors, then running on the treadmill like a gerbil can drive me a bit bonkers.  Sometimes it's OK, but if I'm not really into it then I can talk myself out of a long run on the treadmill pretty easy.  Last night was one of those nights.

So, instead I turned to one of my trusty little workouts I have printed and stacked in the gym.  Last night was an upper body workout and boy oh boy can I feel it.

This is what I did:

*15 min run at 7 mph

*Following moves (3 sets x 12) with 1 min 30 sec running at 9 mph between each move:
...Chest press (15 lbs)
...Dumbbell Rows (15 lbs)
...Incline Chest Press (15 lbs)
...Lat Pulldown (4 plates)
...Shoulder Press (12 lbs)
...Tricep Pulldown (2 plates)
...Hammer Curls (2 x 15 lbs, 1 x 12 lbs)
...Tricep Kickbacks (8 lbs)
...Concentration Curls (15 lbs)
*5 min run @ 7mph
*10 min. Abs - basic crunch, reverse crunch, 2 min plank

I sure can feel it in my chest today and a little bit in my abs.  The last 15 seconds of the fast run is pretty tough, really have to push through it.  But I think that will help with my distance running speed.  I plan to increase my speeds over the next few months.  Will have to make up some more home workouts.


Renee DeLano said...

peanut butter looks great!! nice workout too! you're doing great!

Susan said...

I love your home workout ! I am also jealous of your PB stash ! I LOVE PB especially floavored ones !

Syl said...

so Jealous of your PB stash! I don't think I could trust myself with that many jars of goodness in my house :-)
I know what you mean about feeling like a gerbil on the treadmill - I take running outside over the treadmill any time, I have even been known to run in the snow just to avoid it :-)
Have a great weekend, oh and Heidi you have a great singing voice :-)

Lynsey said...

I'm not a huge pb fan but I bet I'd love the caramel one cause I could eat caramel on anything!

Bare It All said...

Keep posting your home workouts and gym workouts. You are my workout guru!

Christina said...

MMMMM, I love peanut butter and those all sound so good! Your workout sounds awesome!


Tamara said...

Can I just say that you are my hero? I love how much you work out!!! And I think I would have reached some sort of pb nirvana if faced with all those choices myself! Vanilla Cranberry? Caramel? Are you kidding me??? I'm in heaven by proxy!

Tiffany said...

umm...yum, so jealous of all that peanut butter goodness. And I agree with Tamara, your workouts inspire me. I hope to be that HARCORE one day. :)

Amanda, another priorfatgirl said...

i'm DROOLING over here. peanut butter. mmmmmm. wow that stuff sounds amazing.

Missy said...

Great work-out!! YUM peanut butter!