Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Budget Weight Loss

Often I see people that use particular products to help them in their weight loss - 100 cal packs, frozen meals, reduced calorie products ....  While these are very helpful products, it's something that at the moment I can't make part of my life.  Pretty much everything in my house is bought with cost in mind.  It's either on sale or bought in bulk, etc. 
One of my biggest savings lately has been on bread.  I have a rather large husband and two teens (one of which could easily eat me out of house & home on cereal, milk and peanut butter sandwiches).  We go through a TON of bread.  Recently my Dad was visiting and as I was making lunches in the morning he said "What is this?  Subway??".

Not long ago I was introduced to a discount bread store in town.  They have a rack there for stuff that is nearing it's best before date (usually about 2 days before).  And if you've seen what's in the grocery stores, you know this isn't actually that bad.  I usually buy 10 packs at a time and put them straight in the freezer.  Not only is there bread, but there is usually pitas, wraps, flat breads, hot dog/hamburger buns, hoagie rolls...

If you buy in groups of 5, they are 99 cents each.  And it's good bread.  You'd pay at least $3 - $5 a loaf for this in the stores.  With the volume we go through I estimate we will save about $450 or more in a year, possibly quite a lot more.  That's a lot of runners & clothes!!!  Just in bread savings alone.

This is my haul from yesterday:

So what does this mean for me in regards to weight loss? 

It means that I can't rely on a particular product.  If Squirrley Bread is my go to product and they don't have it one week, I have to make adjustments and use another product.  Luckily there is lots to choose from.  Quite often they have a variety of rye breads which run at about 120 calories for two slices and have a great taste.

Isn't that what weight loss/management is all about?  You have to constantly make adjustments.  And you can't let the unexpected affect the goals you've set for yourself.  If you go to a party and the food options are not what you have available then you need to make the best choices you can.  Portion control, healthier options.....  it's a lifestyle!


Running schedule this week:

Monday - Rest after the race
Tuesday - 60 min @ about 6.0mph
Wednesday - 8 x 400M fast lap sets
Thursday - 10.5 Km @ about 6.0 mph
Friday - 5 Km - fast (practice road run for the Santa Shuffle)
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - 14-16 Km @ about 6.5mph

I was amazed after Sunday's race that I was actually a bit stiff yesterday. On weekends we usually run similar terrain with the hills and such, though a much longer distance. But I think the faster pace and the weather conditions must have been what made the difference. So, I made yesterday my rest day instead of today.

I think I needed it to because I was asleep in bed at 8:30 and didn't get up until 6:15 (and I was still tired).



Tricia said...

What wonderful, frugal shopping. Great job and your run schedule looks great!

Marcelle said...

I remember having my children at home and they also ate bread, cereal, peanut butter and syrup - so always stocked up on those..this entry reminded me of those days.
Very clever shopper you are!

Tamara said...

This is really smart shopping. I have to say, I"{m lacking in this department. I buy on-the-fly and often don't take advantage of deals.

Your running schedule is incredible. I just gave a friend this advice "schedule your runs. Treat it the same way you would treat your own work schedule or the kids sports. Don't let it be an option." Great advice, right?

Unfortunately it falls right into the category of "take my advice, I'm not using it"!

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Hi, new to your blog. You make a great point about adjustments. You never know what curve balls are going to be thrown your way.

Susan said...

I wasn't sure if I thanked you or not for the blog award ! If I did , forgive my repeating myself !!! If I didn't ... Thank you ! I will get to posting about it as soon as I can ! Life suddenly got a little nuts and I am a little frazzled at the moment ! welcome to the Holiday Season Huh? Anyway , getting the award made my day ! Thank you again !

Connie Weiss said...

What a great deal on bread!

I agree...it's all about making adjustments and making what you have work for you. You won't always have the low cal anything available.

Anonymous said...

Great post...it is all about choices in weight loss and sometimes "light" versions aren't around. Plus, they just aren't that healthy for you! But boy oh boy, teenage boys sure do eat a lot. :)