Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cookies are NOT the answer

Still struggling ... still fighting ... still not giving up!

Why do I not give up?  Because ... I know that to do so will make me miserable.  It will make all the hard work I've done over the years a complete waste of time.  So, while I still may struggle, I will continue to fight until I can get my feet firmly planted on the ground.

I AM making some headway.  Very slowly.

If you check out the goal list for May on my sidebar you will see an increasing number of check marks.  Not so much in the RUN category, but definitely elsewhere.  That show's me improvement.

The weather here is still challenging.  You'd think it was March with the amount of rain we've had, and often heavy rain at that.  I could almost see myself riding the bike in a drizzle, but not the donwpours we've been subjected to.  I did manage to ride on Friday and again today.  I sure like riding!

The eating still continues to be a struggle.  Everyday!

The other morning before I got out of bed I told myself that today I would start on the right foot.  If I want to drop these pounds, I have to make better choices.  Rolled out of bed, 2 minutes or less in the bathroom, strolled into the kitchen to make tea.  Hmmm, hmmm, hmmmm ... laaa deee daaaa .... WHAT THE ????????  HOW did that cookie get halfway down my throat?!  Seriously, this is how easily it happens.  Where did my brain go?  How could I forget the conversation I had JUST had with myself?!

This is when the challenge stepped in.  There were two more cookies left.  Now, I know that many of you would say to throw them away, give them away, put them away.  Me ... I'm too stubborn for that.  Those cookies would be my challenge.  Besides, I am the one with a problem, not my family.  Why should I throw them away (or not have them) just because I can't control myself.  I don't believe the issue is not having them around, it's me learning to enjoy such things in moderation.

I had a day planned of housework that would have me passing through the kitchen all day long.  I vowed not to touch those cookies all day.

Everytime I saw those cookies it became a reminder, a challenge, to question myself on what I really wanted most.  Cookies was NOT the answer.

I have to continue to face these challenges and to overcome them. 



misszippy said...

Good work at being strong! One step at a time will get you there.

Michelle said...

Cookies may not be the answer, but the brownies I just made were! :) Grrr....it has been one of those weeks and darn if sweets don't help make it better! Yes, I ran, but at the end of the day, that brownie was DELIGHTFUL! My blog post tonight will attest to that!

Tamara said...

Cookies are sooo never the answer. It is so easy for one to become six!

Today I found some real inspiration from Tricia's post at Endurance isn't only Physical. A reminder that we have to break down our goals into smaller, more attainable, less scary goals. Like not eating two cookies in the course of a day. Every goal met counts!

Marcelle said...

ahhhhh have no answer either as I think with 3 left I would have just eaten all 3!!!
Whats the point....one or 3...its not like you were going to eat a whole packet.
I see reading this entry I am still far away from having good control over food!!
I would have eaten the last 3 for sure.....

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

That is an awesome question to ask myself the next time I want to start munching on something unhealthy:

What is it you want the most?

I am writing that one down and putting it in the kitchen.

Glad you are still at it and fighting back :)

Michelle said...

Grrr.... Cookies! Yes, those are totally my weakness - especially the huge ones that Whole Foods bakes in house - I can eat two or three. Way to go on being strong!

Missy said...

Good idea to use the cookie as motivation rather than temptation! It's the slow steps that make lifelong changes. You got this lady!

jamie@sweatyhugs said...

Way-to-go on turning your thoughts on the other cookies into a reminder of what it is you truly want! The good thing is that the good choices we are able to make do end up adding up in a good way.

Anonymous said...

Oh those darn cookies would tempt me too, but way to make it into a personal challenge. Keep up the good work on your May goals! Sounds like you are ticking them off!

Fran said...

Like Marcelle I would have eaten all 3 cookies :)

I have the same attitude with food in my house like you: my hub doesn't have to watch what he eats so why should he "pay" if I don't want cookies or chips or whatever in the house. So in our house there are always cookies, chocolate and chips, not much but enough for him to use during the week. And yes those cookies do sometimes call my name :)

I think you have the rigt attitude to keep on fighting and not give up. You've come too far to let it all slip away now.

Marcelle said...

Hey girlfriend, thanks for long comment. Lobe hearing what u have to say always!
I cannot do 15g either, and not going to aim for that, my intake was over 40g a day and brought it to 29g-also know if I gave up my dark choco I could drop it more,but right now am enjoying this treat. So agree, will change where I can but will not be going overboard. I had to for a month and that was so hard.

jennifer @ shesafitchick.com said...

Girl your willpower is stronger than mine!!!

BTW.. couldn't find your email address. Wanted to chat with you about FitFluential.com and having you join. Email me! :)

Anita said...

lol...went out to eat and dinner came with "free dessert" anniversery gift from them to my waste line! All I could think of was "eat up girl, you just added 2 miles to your run tomorrow."!!!

Fran said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Been missing you. Busy I suppose? Know the feeling and am glad my vacation is almost here :)

Now I'm going back to work and wait patiently for a new post.

Take care my sweet friend.

Fran said...

Hai there again, answer to your question about the shoes.

I often buy my shoes online because as long as their not Italian (small shoes) I always have the same shoe size and they always fit. I've bought these online too but I did buy the brand last Winter in one of their stores.

I don't like shopping and prefer to buy online as much as possible :) Buy most of my clothes and running clothes online too. The online thing I don't buy online are the running shoes, I want to try them on before buying them.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Heidi, I don't have your email. (it doesn't link to your comments either)

Are you okay? No posting in a while.

Your TBL comment on my post: I agree to a point. I think that they should be doing a follow along show in the "off" season that shows what all the former constants are doing now. The ones that kept it off and those who didn't. I think the benefit of the show is education and acceptance. People of all degrees of weight and fitness need to know that everyone is part of a daily effort to achieve good health. It's not a destination that you arrive at and then the work is over. It's a daily effort to get where you need and want to be and then stay there. So showing the people who stayed super fit from the show is great but I personally find those who have struggled to be more inspiring, more real. We all struggle to different degrees so I guess we are all in the journey together.