Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mrs. Tomato Head

Another tick off my list.  Last night 5 miles was completed.  CHECK!

I can't believe that not too terribly long ago I was completing 20+ mile runs and now a 5 mile run does THIS to me. 

Let me introduce ........
Mrs. Tomato Head

I am so horribly out of shape, it's not even funny.  This was taken probably 10 minutes after my run.  I was redder before.  I had to take a walk break at 1, 2 and 3 miles and only sheer stubborness pushed me to complete those last two miles without stopping. 

I feel like such a beginner again.  But, I can only go up from here, and up I will go.  These extra pounds I'm carrying right now really do make a HUGE difference.  I feel so sluggish.  Running right now feels so different from what I'm used to.  I'm used to feeling light and airy, floating.  Right now it feels like lead weights are tied to my feet.

I'm thinking tomorrow or Saturday I'm going to tackle going "carb-free for a day" as another tick off my May Goal list.  I'm actually considering doing this once a week for the next while.  I do not think carbs are evil, but I have been overdosing lately and a single day challenge on a regular basis certainly will not do me any harm.  There will be no grains, pasta, bread, potatoes, corn and no sugar

Keep Active!



kimert said...

Yay for those miles!!
I've been a horrible blogger... I've been sporadic with visiting, commenting and even writing! Hope you are doing well!!

Marlene said...

You will get your groove back and feel good again - stick with it!

Good luck going carb free. Gahhh I don't know if I could do it. I <3 carbs. :)

Jennifer said...

You will be back to 20 miles in no time. My last run was after a while of not running as well and it felt so I could feel the fat on my hips jiggle as my feet landed on the pavement...ugh. It WILL get better though! And also, carb free here and there isnt a bad thing here and there just remember not to run on those days. I really struggled with that when i was eating low carbs and was feeling sick after my runs. then i put 2 and 2 together and realized thats what it was.
You are doing great! Keep it up!


Marcelle said...

Mrs. Tomato Head
Those are a lot of miles for someone trying to get back into it again ~ be nice to yourself now....
Thats around 9km you are running already ~ you are my running queen...look at you, never giving up!!
As I said...I no longer care what time or how many km anyone runs, we running and thats what counts...we not professional runners...we run cause we can!!

I'm only eat fruit and veggies with carbs at the moment...and feel great. I ate bread again and felt so so sluggish after 17 days of nothing...was a good test for me, we have to try these things to see what works and what doesnt for us...does that mean I wont be eating bread again...NO my Friday night Rye Roll and my Saturday Pumpkin seed roll for lunch...but having bread everyday like before...that I will have to change if I want to carry on feeling the way I do right now :(

Nikki said...

May I suggest a yummy carb-free seafood chowder soup? You puree cauliflower to make the cream and it is so delicious and yummy, you'd never know it wasn't your typical chowder!

Anonymous said...

Keep on truckin' Heidi! Every run will get easier and easier. I felt this same after my marathon, because i couldn't run for awhile due to injury. And then a few weeks into running again, I felt like my old self. Just keep up the posative attitude! :)

Fran said...

Well you may be out of shape but you did tackle those 5 miles: great job!

Do you sweat "dry"? I do sweat but it's not wet but more dry and because of that you have a twin sister when it comes to mrs. tomato head because I'm as red as a tomato too after a run. After long runs it takes more than an hour before I have my normal color back LOL.

I'm interested to hear about your experiences with being carb free for a day. I need to lose some pounds now too because they are really bothering me at the moment.
But not doing to great on that this week.

Anonymous said...

yay for running and who cares if u gt a little red. u r wroking hard!
good luck with carb free. that is hard to do!

have a great weekend heidi!

Missy said...

YAY for 5 miles! That is awesome. You'll have it back before you know it. Keep at it and you'll be at 20 miles before you know it.

Syl said...

Great work on your run Heidi, I can feel that your gonna get your running bug back in not time!
Hope you have a wonderful mother's day!