Monday, May 2, 2011

Sorry, It's a Bikini Pic

On Friday I posted about a little challenge between Missy & myself.  The challenge was quite simple .... run on Saturday.  There was no distance specified, no minimum time, no goals at all - just run.  If one of us didn't, we had to post a current picture of ourselves in a bikini.  Well, I'm sorry to say you're getting a bikini pic.

Wait ... that's not me!!!!

Hmmm, well then I guess I ran.  YIPPEE!!!!!

Yyou'll have to wander over to Missy's blog to see how she did.  I haven't been there yet myself, but will venture over there tout suite.

As for the run itself ... well, it was kind of horrible.  I did NOT take my Garmin.  I knew that my pace would suck and I just can't face that right now.  So I just ran.  Took lots of walk breaks.  Half a mile in I was red face and gasping.  Seriously???  I ran 22 miles at the end of December.  Man, it's SO easy to lose fitness.

But I do actually feel a bit inspired.  As much as the run was tough, I did get that feeling of looking forward to improvement.  I ran about 4 miles.  Was going to make it 6, but then decided I wanted to be able to walk the next day.  As it was, yesterday was all about yardwork and I got a great upper body workout ... and a tan (double yippee).

There's a good possiblity that I'll have to take my friend's place in a 16Km race at the end of this month.  I may or may not take her spot, but either way I should be in shape to at least be able to complete it.  That's what I'm aiming towards.  Time to get back in shape!!

Keep Active!



Anonymous said...

good job! a run is a run. thats what i always say!

Marlene said...

Ha! Nice pic. Congrats on getting the run done!!

Syl said...

so proud of you heidi!

Missy said...

So glad you got your run in! And it sounds like you did pretty good - 4 miles is nothing to scoff at... Great job lady!

Lynsey said...

Don't ya hate that!? I wasn't running near as far as you but I can't run as far as I once could. It sucks to have to completely start over again.

Trail Guy said...

Always good to have a goal to work toward! 16K by the end of the month seems pretty reasonable.

LOVED the bikini shot! With eye candy like this, I'm sure to visit this blog often. ;)

Fran said...

My day has just started and you brought a big smile on my face. Not only by the pic you've posted but by the sentence you feel inspired to run again. That's good news!

Great job on the run!

Marcelle said...

So she is on display in her bikini....hehehehe, cant believe she never got out to run....bikini or run...bikini or run, bikini or run...RUN!!!!!!!!

My running queen will soon get into her running mojo again, I'm standing on the sidelines cheering all the way...