Monday, May 30, 2011

June Goals

June is upon us.  I am in desperate need of some goals and some focus.  After looking back over old posts, in the search for motivation and inspiration, I came across something that ironically I did last year in June.

Yep, it's that time again!

Here's the lowdown:

  • 30 consecutive days of doing something active, everyday, for the month of June
  • minimum 30 minutes per day
  • must include a variety of  running, biking, walking, weights, and hopefully some hiking (if weather agrees)
  • minimum 50 miles running

In addition to this, I need to make some changes in my diet.  So, for the month of June I'm imposing a ban on the following trouble/trigger foods I've been struggling with:

  • pretzels
  • chips
  • nachos
  • cookies
  • brownies (or any form of cake/squares)
  • candies
  • chocolate bars

Normally I would say that such foods are OK in moderation, but moderation has not been a key word for me lately.  I need to change these nasty habits that have evolved!  I made a few minor changes in May, which is leaving me feeling better, but I need to do a lot more to see changes.

Here's to June being healthy & active!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cookies are NOT the answer

Still struggling ... still fighting ... still not giving up!

Why do I not give up?  Because ... I know that to do so will make me miserable.  It will make all the hard work I've done over the years a complete waste of time.  So, while I still may struggle, I will continue to fight until I can get my feet firmly planted on the ground.

I AM making some headway.  Very slowly.

If you check out the goal list for May on my sidebar you will see an increasing number of check marks.  Not so much in the RUN category, but definitely elsewhere.  That show's me improvement.

The weather here is still challenging.  You'd think it was March with the amount of rain we've had, and often heavy rain at that.  I could almost see myself riding the bike in a drizzle, but not the donwpours we've been subjected to.  I did manage to ride on Friday and again today.  I sure like riding!

The eating still continues to be a struggle.  Everyday!

The other morning before I got out of bed I told myself that today I would start on the right foot.  If I want to drop these pounds, I have to make better choices.  Rolled out of bed, 2 minutes or less in the bathroom, strolled into the kitchen to make tea.  Hmmm, hmmm, hmmmm ... laaa deee daaaa .... WHAT THE ????????  HOW did that cookie get halfway down my throat?!  Seriously, this is how easily it happens.  Where did my brain go?  How could I forget the conversation I had JUST had with myself?!

This is when the challenge stepped in.  There were two more cookies left.  Now, I know that many of you would say to throw them away, give them away, put them away.  Me ... I'm too stubborn for that.  Those cookies would be my challenge.  Besides, I am the one with a problem, not my family.  Why should I throw them away (or not have them) just because I can't control myself.  I don't believe the issue is not having them around, it's me learning to enjoy such things in moderation.

I had a day planned of housework that would have me passing through the kitchen all day long.  I vowed not to touch those cookies all day.

Everytime I saw those cookies it became a reminder, a challenge, to question myself on what I really wanted most.  Cookies was NOT the answer.

I have to continue to face these challenges and to overcome them. 


Monday, May 9, 2011

Carb-Free Day

Made it through a carb-free day this weekend .... well, mostly.  There was a small slice of garlic bread at dinner.  That stuff is hard to avoid on any given day, but on a carb free day it proved to be too much of a challenge for me.  It was a very unwise decision for me to make that on this day.

Honestly, it wasn't all that hard.  Took a little planning.  I wasn't totally pleased with the choices I made.  I think I did alot of substituting and ate more dairy/meat products than I needed.  But it was a start.

The BEST thing about it ..... it made me stop and think before I just grabbed something and popped it in my mouth.

A few times I found my hand reaching for a nacho chip or a pretzel, only to remember my goal for the day.

I also did something I haven't done in a while.  The hockey game was coming on and I felt snacky.  So, I whipped up a batch of homemade hummus and made a big platter of fresh veggies - which the hubs helped me devour. 

I'm going to try to do the carb-free thing at least once a week.  Because it was just a single day I didn't feel any sort of withdrawals like I've had before.  While I didn't run that day, I totally could have no problem.

One more tick off the list!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mrs. Tomato Head

Another tick off my list.  Last night 5 miles was completed.  CHECK!

I can't believe that not too terribly long ago I was completing 20+ mile runs and now a 5 mile run does THIS to me. 

Let me introduce ........
Mrs. Tomato Head

I am so horribly out of shape, it's not even funny.  This was taken probably 10 minutes after my run.  I was redder before.  I had to take a walk break at 1, 2 and 3 miles and only sheer stubborness pushed me to complete those last two miles without stopping. 

I feel like such a beginner again.  But, I can only go up from here, and up I will go.  These extra pounds I'm carrying right now really do make a HUGE difference.  I feel so sluggish.  Running right now feels so different from what I'm used to.  I'm used to feeling light and airy, floating.  Right now it feels like lead weights are tied to my feet.

I'm thinking tomorrow or Saturday I'm going to tackle going "carb-free for a day" as another tick off my May Goal list.  I'm actually considering doing this once a week for the next while.  I do not think carbs are evil, but I have been overdosing lately and a single day challenge on a regular basis certainly will not do me any harm.  There will be no grains, pasta, bread, potatoes, corn and no sugar

Keep Active!


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Goals for May

I meant to post this yesterday, but had some kind of bug and couldn't think straight.  Today seems to be better after lounging on the couch most of the evening.

This month seems to be the month that alot of bloggers are setting goals, making lists ... and I'm jumping on the bandwagon.  I'm in need of a serious turn-around.

In May I'm aiming to:

RUN - 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 mile runs. 
BIKE - to work at least 4 times, to the Ft at least once
EAT - salad x 4, salmon, fruit salad, vegetarian for a day, carb-free for a day, try a new recipe (not baked goods)

While this isn't really a huge challenge, it gives me some realistic goals to work towards.  And it will be a huge improvement over how the last couple months have gone.
So far I have:

♥ Run 4 miles
♥ Bike to work - once

YIPPEE! I'm really looking forward to doing more biking again.  Gas is getting way too expensive as well, so not only will I be burning calories, but I'll be saving money!

My son is taking his driving test today.  He's a pretty good driver and I have full confidence in his abilities, but with the way they test now, it takes VERY little to fail.  Plus he's doing it in a neighbouring town that's he's not very familiar with AND driving a standard.  Hopefully his nerves don't get the best of him.  Keep your fingers crossed for him.

Keep Active!


Monday, May 2, 2011

Sorry, It's a Bikini Pic

On Friday I posted about a little challenge between Missy & myself.  The challenge was quite simple .... run on Saturday.  There was no distance specified, no minimum time, no goals at all - just run.  If one of us didn't, we had to post a current picture of ourselves in a bikini.  Well, I'm sorry to say you're getting a bikini pic.

Wait ... that's not me!!!!

Hmmm, well then I guess I ran.  YIPPEE!!!!!

Yyou'll have to wander over to Missy's blog to see how she did.  I haven't been there yet myself, but will venture over there tout suite.

As for the run itself ... well, it was kind of horrible.  I did NOT take my Garmin.  I knew that my pace would suck and I just can't face that right now.  So I just ran.  Took lots of walk breaks.  Half a mile in I was red face and gasping.  Seriously???  I ran 22 miles at the end of December.  Man, it's SO easy to lose fitness.

But I do actually feel a bit inspired.  As much as the run was tough, I did get that feeling of looking forward to improvement.  I ran about 4 miles.  Was going to make it 6, but then decided I wanted to be able to walk the next day.  As it was, yesterday was all about yardwork and I got a great upper body workout ... and a tan (double yippee).

There's a good possiblity that I'll have to take my friend's place in a 16Km race at the end of this month.  I may or may not take her spot, but either way I should be in shape to at least be able to complete it.  That's what I'm aiming towards.  Time to get back in shape!!

Keep Active!