Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back on the Coaster

Apparently the Roller Coaster ride is not completely over.  Two weeks ago I decided to really buckle down and get serious about losing some more weight.  I had a hugely successful week one.

I vowed last week that I would "just have to keep the momentum up. No fizzling after one successful week. "

Well .... I sort of fizzled!

I did track my food and stay within my points range every day except Sunday & Monday.  Despite that, I still was showing about a 1 lb gain.  I do daily weigh-in's and weeks like this make me glad that I do.  I'm attributing that 1 lb gain to it being ovulation week.  Not sure why, but that often equals a little gain for me.

Come Sunday though ... after the race, I definitely loosened the reins.  I indulged in my son's ice cream cake and then my husband suggested we have steak dinner to celebrate our race.  Probably not too damaging really.  I didn't weigh myself Monday morning.  I did OK during the day, but late in the afternoon I met up with my husband and son at McDonald's and spur of the moment decided to have a cheeseburger.  Again, not the end of the world.  It did put me 1 measly point over for the day, but I wouldn't sweat that.

The trouble came later in the evening.  We had been out with my husband's friend and he asked to take us to a Chinese restaurant he really likes.  He is Chinese and said the food here was very authentic.  I shouldn't have gone.  I wasn't hungry and really had things I needed to do at home.  But I felt sort of like I should.  Ended up eating more than I needed to, late at night.  And Chinese food ... we all know what that does to you.

My penance .... 4.2 gain! (edited: bad math ... 3.6 gain)

Overall results ...

Apr 27 - 149.4
May 4 - 146.8
May 11 - 150.4

Gain - 1.0 lb.

So, this weeks results, while disappointing, will not derail me.  I know WHY it happened and I WILL learn from it.  I'm also aware that alot of that is water weight due to the sodium.  If I stay clean it will be gone in no time.

It would be so easy to not post about this.  Not like anyone would notice or care.  But I notice.  I care.  I'm done with hiding from bad weigh-ins. 



Jessica said...

Your attitude is so inspiring! Thank you! Good luck with this coming week and your next weigh-in. I bet if you weigh yourself tomorrow those 4 lbs would be gone. Chinese food has a lot of salt which makes your body retain water like crazy!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Heidi. Sounds like you are aware of what you are eating and that is huge. So don't stress over the small stuff. You are on the right track and have the right mindset. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

hey thats not bad at all. sometimes its ok to eat some yummy food. and u know what went wrong.......
ull do great this week :)

Sarah said...

It souunds like are are doing a great job! I find Chinese food to be really salty and always makes my weight jump up...but it ends up coming right back off again.

Marcelle said...

I know this feeling too well - I'm fearing the scale at the moment and staying off..this is the first bad sign for me...
I used to weigh myself daily or at least 5x a week and kept my weight under control..now two weeks go buy and I stay off.
Its terrible how quickly one an gain weight...but must say all that chinese foods gain would be due to Salt...salt is a terrible weight gainer...but one loses it quickly.

Michelle said...

I would vote for some of the weight gain is retaining water from the sodium in the Chinese food?

Hang in there!

kimert said...

Chinese food and the sodium it contains is a killer for me. It really affects me to the point that I can see it in my ankles not long after eating it. I bet you will be back down in no time! You are working so hard and are such an inspiration! Hang in there and keep up the hard work!

Missy said...

Oh girly, we are in the same boat this week. But a small gain will not ruin us. A small gain will not mean we're fat again. A small gain is just a reminder of what we're working for and why it's important to eat healthy!!

PS - I love late night chinese... Too bad it's so high in sodium and not usually very good for you... Bummer!

Fran said...

I'm proud of you that you don't hide at back weigh inns. I'm also posting my weight as it is because if there's a gain: I'm the only one to blame for it.

You know what caused it and you learned from it and I'm sure next week will be much better.

Going back to daily weigh inns too, helps me to keep myself better in control.