Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Goals

Have you seen this guy?  MARATHON QUEST 250

He was on the local news Saturday morning.  He's from Cochrane, Alberta but was in town for the Vancouver Marathon tomorrow.  250 Marathons in a YEAR!  WOW!!!  And I can barely imagine doing one.  He typically runs 5 days in a row then 2 rest days (with some exceptions of course). 

Reading through his blog and seeing some of the weather and things he goes through on his daily marathons is amazing.  Makes me re-think the times that I've skipped a workout because I'm tired, or it's cold/hot outside.

Here's another summer dress I picked up recently.  I have a thing for bright colors ... or black & white.  This IS going to be the summer I wear more dresses.  Now if the weather could just cooperate!


Run 80+ Miles - reducing this one a bit this month.  In the back of my head I want to do 100 again.  If I can stay uninjured I will go for the 100, but I want to leave a little wiggle room.  80 I should be able to comfortably do.

10 Strength Sessions - not a huge number, but more than I have been doing.  This is once every 3 days and is likely to fit my schedule.

Plan! Prepare! Organize! - this worked so well last month that I'm going to keep this up.  One thing that really helps is to prepare food on the weekends, especially for lunches (veggies, fruit, boiled eggs, leftovers).  Also, making large batches of meals that can be reheated quickly after work. 

♥ Races:
May 9 - Vancouver Sun Run 10K (goals for this TBA)
May 30 - Run for Water Half Marathon (tentative)

I may or may not do the May 30th Half.  That was the one I was originally planning to do next, but some of my friends are doing one at the end of June and I may do that one instead with them.  In a perfect world I'd do both, but financially I'll probably just do one.  Race fees for myself wouldn't be so bad, but it's me AND my husband and they add up. 

May is going to be a busy month and hopefully full of lots of exciting things!  I'm really looking forward to it.  I'm feeling ALOT more energy and focus than I have for quite a long time.



Marcelle said...

To me marathon man sounds CRAZY!!!! I'm exhausted reading it...but everyone has their own dreams and desires, so lets all stand behind him in his!

Love the dress...I don't think you've read my latest entry but I found a dress I like back on holiday, got my DIL to make the pattern as she has a Fashion Design School...bought 3 different pieces of material...two are pretty bright and today am posting it off to a blogger friend in Hamburg, I want her to make them for me, as I too want to wear more dresses this summer...and also have new dresses for when I go home in November this year...its summer time then in Cape Town.

Having a busy month sounds good, at least it will keep your mind off other eating!! :)

Susan @ All Things In Moderation said...

LOVE the dress, very cute! Your goals sound great! Best of luck !

Fran said...

Again: I love your dress, you have good taste!
I love wearing dresses and skirts (summer and winter).

People like that marathon man are so inspiring and yes it makes you feel small and tiny and stupid that you (read I) let a little rain stop you from running. There's this Belgian guy who wanted to run a marathon a day for a year to raise money for cancer. But I don't know if he still does that, he started beginning of this year.

Your goals will be reached by you, you are one of the few who reaches her goals most of the times so I have no doubt you will this month too.

Suzy said...

Great goals for May!

Lynsey said...

Cute cute!

Great goals. You can do it!

Missy said...

You have such cute clothes - I love that dress!!

Great goals this month - I know you'll do it!

Syl said...

you look adorable Heidi, love the dress, even though it's the wrong color ;-), ha just kidding! It looks great on you, very summery!

My big run is coming up....but I can't wait to be able to attach my 13.1 to my chain....this is my month :-).

Syl said...

ps. Marathon man makes me sleepy :-)

kimert said...

Wow, love that dress! Looks great on you!
Your goals sound great! Good luck reaching them, I know you will. :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your May goals, I know you are going to rock them. I love how you put them out there every month, i think it's a great way to motivate yourself and keep on track. I need to do this more. Maybe break down my BIGGER goals into smaller monthly goals. Thanks for the inspiration. And you look great in your new springy dress!

Tamara said...

That is a really cute dress. You may have inspired me to buy a dress for the summer. As long as it is knee length I'm fine. I have kind of chubby knees.

Your running goals are amazing to me, never mind mr. 250 marathons. Ho-lee! That guy is in a class of his own!

Julie said...

Hi Heidi,
You have some great goals in place! I see that you have a few races scheduled in May...these will keep you motivated:)

I love that adorable dress! You look so good and I am jealous that you can wear that halter style! I lost most of my girls from running...I would look like a fourteen year old girl:( Happy Monday Heidi!

Heather said...

Cute dress! Awesome May goals - can't believe it is May already! :)

Annie, The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

Love the dress and love the new goals!

KK @ Running Through Life said...

Love the dress!!! Great May goals! Good luck and I hope you stay injury free!!! By the way, how is it May already??? Crazy!!!!!!