Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just A Drabble

It's been a busy week. Normally my work is a boring little place, but we have a big quote we're working on and I'm having to be devoted to that. We've also had a bunch of appts I've had to go to.

So blog time has been set aside for now.

I'm doing fine and hope to be back here in the next few days with something a little more exciting to report that a bunch of drabble.

Hope everyone is having a great week. I have read some blogs, but will have to catch up next week.

Take care!


FUN FACT:  Did you now that a drabble is a short work of fiction exactly 100 words?  While this isn't a work of fiction ..... the above post (excluding my name) IS exactly 100 words!


Anonymous said...

considering how much work you do do at work, I think this could really be called a drabble! Love you, MOM

Syl said...

in your spare time could you say a prayer to the weather gods :-)
Hope the busy fades soon for you my friend!

Anonymous said...

thats pretty cool! huh!

ajh said...

Love those random facts. I did not know that.

Marcelle said...

Nice to see you popping in with your busy schedule!!
Till later then.

Julie said...

I hope that you have a fantastic weekend Heidi!

Fran said...

Take care Heidi, we'll see you when you have more time again.

You can't reach my blog so no worries. I'm having troubles which I'm trying to solve but in the meantime it's offline. Just wanted to let you know.

Anonymous said...

Hope all goes well Heidi. I felt a little MIA last week too, also due to a busy busy week at work. Take care! :)