Monday, May 31, 2010

May 2010 Recap

I'm back! 

Hopefully I've made it through the crazy times and things will settle a bit again.  They should.  And I finally have gotten some of those pics I wanted to share from our last long weekend.

 MAY 2010

# of runs: 9

Distance: .......... 50.6 Miles / 81.4 Kms
Monthly Goals:  80.0 Miles / 128.7 Kms

Time Running:  7 Hours 45 Minues 56 Seconds

Summary: Definitely came up short on my running goal this month.  I had given myself a little leeway this month, reducing my mileage from 100 miles to 80, and I still came up awfully short. 

The whole month was just very sporadic.  The little bug I had that zapped all my energy certainly didn't help, but even putting that aside I got pretty lazy.  I briefly considered racking out the miles in the last week, just to reach my goal, but decided in the end to just suck it up and not injure myself.  I did have a few days of cycling in there as well, which I don't count in my running mileage.

This is the first month I have not only come short on achieving my goal, but came up VERY short.  It doesn't feel nice and I'm going to remember this feeling.

YTD Distance:  375 Miles / 604 Kms
YTD Goal: .......415 Miles / 668 Kms

YTD Time Running:  57 Hours 30 Minutes 18 Seconds

As for my other goals ....

♥ 10 strength sessions - I fell woefully short on this one as well.  Not sure where I've been at this month, but it certainly hasn't been very active.  I guess it's a good thing that I've been quite good with my eating.  Now to combine the two - haha.
Plan! Prepare! Organize! - I'm still continuing to do well with this one.  Though I need to hit up the grocery store in the next couple days or I'm going to be in a bad position. 
♥ Races: 
May 9 - 10K Sun Run - did it, nailed it and am still on a high
May 30 - Run for Water Half Marathon - couldn't swing it financially

Now ... for the fun stuff.  Here's a few pictures from our long weekend away.

This is the firepit they built.  All the rocks (seats) are taken from the property.  All around is planted trees, shrubs and ground cover.  We're hoping we didn't plant anything that the deer particularly enjoy!

The campsite up top (obviously not finished)

And the view from the campsite .... sigh!  Wish I was there now.

We did ALOT of riding the quads.  The trails behind the property are endless.

Tomorrow I will post up my June goals.

Happy Memorial Day to any American readers. 
Hope everyone had a great weekend.

And huge congrats to Syl for completing her first Half Marathon!!!!!


Syl said...

when Peter and I retire right there along with you, me and you will be sipping tea and talking about how much we dislike our husbands ;-).
It's a new month tomorrow Heidi, sometimes life just gets busy but I think you did amazing for what it's worth!

Nikki said...

That's the beauty of having annual goals - there is always another month to work towards them. Love your campsite photos...looks like we have the same model quads too, yellow even!

ajh said...

Beautiful views! Make several goals. Some harder to reach, some very realistic and some that are easy. You want to feel good about accomplishing what you can.

Tamara said...

Thank you so much for your comment today on my post. It means a lot to me that you come around and look forward to my posts! I can't believe it has taken me so long to come around to the understanding that there is no more "one more" time around of anything. God I'm a slow learner! I feel like this is something you've known for a long time. Your commitment to your running is something that I aspire to. Maybe one day I'll figure that one out too, how do I get there?? :)

What beautiful photos. Maybe one day I'll have to sip that tea with you and Syl!

Lindsay said...

AWWW awesome view! Love all the pictures.

Fran said...

I won't hold you accountable for not achieving your goals because I totally sucked at it in May. Honestly I don't care, sometimes that happens. I've been busy with Bella and trying to find a new routine now she's part of our family and sometimes running didn't fit in my day.

New month, new chances: for you and for me.

Heidi I can't believe how beautiful it is up there and that you are lucky that you can live there someday. Lucky girl!

Anonymous said...

Wow - that is one spectacular view!! I would miss it too!

Marcelle said...

What an amazing view you have - am jealous!!
Enjoy God's beauty at your doorstep!

Marlene said...

Wow, that place looks incredible!!! *jealous* I love the fire pit with seating area made from rocks and of course the view. WOW!

Here's hoping for a better month in June!

Missy said...

I think you made a good decision not pushing yourself to get meet your running goal. Injury is not worth it!!

Looks like you had such a fun time. Your land is gorgeous!

Michelle said...

Love the firepit with the built in seats - that is a great idea. Here's to a better June!