Friday, April 29, 2011

A Little Challenge

My blogger buddy, Missy, and I will be having a little challenge this weekend to inspire us both to get a run in.

We have both pledged to run on Saturday.  If one of us doesn't, we must post a current picture, wearing a bikini, on our blog.

I will NOT be posting a pic of me in a bikini anytime soon.  So you can bet your sweet patootie cheeks that I WILL be running!  In fact, I intend to run both Saturday AND Sunday.  They may not be long, and likely won't be, but the weather is supposed to be nice and I'm going to take advantage. 

This weekend I can't wait to spend a little one-on-one (OK, maybe one-on-millions time) with my favourite Canadian athlee.  Mr. Georges St. Pierre!  Go ♥GSP♥!!!!

And also a little nail biting time watching:

Saturday night is a TV kind of night!  Better get my run in early!!



Missy said...

Ah, it's official!!! No turning back now. Saturday run here we come.

Have fun the rest of the weekend as well!!!

Marlene said...

Ha! That's a great idea! Have a good run. :)

ajh said...

That would get me out running for sure.

Marcelle said...

Hope you going to run!!!!!!
I will be running today ( Saturday ) but Sunday will be walking as here in Germany on 1st May everyone walks from here to the next town....quite a better than doing nothing like I did yesterday while watching the Royal wedding.

Fran said...

That's a fun challenge, bet you will be running!

Have fun at tv night. Personally I love Saturday night tv nights.

kimert said...

I love your challenge with Missy!! I hope you both had a great run! And if you haven't ran a couple miles for me since I am injured and won't be running for a few days!

Nej said...

Wow! A bikini pic on my blog would DEFINITELY inspire me to get up and run!!! :-)