Friday, July 29, 2011


Ahhhhhhh .... that was SO much better!  Last night I took the same bootcamp class that I did last week.  However, the instructor took us outside for this class - which I absolutely love and prefer to workout outdoors.  I know I had to stop taking these classes for financial reasons, but boy I didn't realize how much I loved and missed them.

This time I took an Abs Only class before bootcamp. It was the same instructor as bootcamp and she puts on a good class.  Plus, it's at the same facility, back to back, and you pay one admission and can use the facilities as much as you want.  Heidi likes to get her money's worth so anytime I can take more than one class at a time is a good thing.  We did use the ball a fair bit in the abs class, but for ab work I do like and appreciate it and the moves this instructor used were much more effective than the class I took the other day.  I know it takes about 24 hours for abs to kick in, so I'll be feeling this later tonight.

The one thing I'm really noticing this time from the last time I did bootcamp is I suck!  Last time I was in pretty good shape and was usually in the top 25% of the class (if not the top), even when I just started.  Right now I'm struggling and am often the last to finish my sets and sometimes have to modify moves to complete them.  I'm quite a competitive person and do not like being in this position, even if I am EASILY 10 years older than anyone else in the class.  I like to be good.  I like to be the best, or darn near it.  But it just motivates me to work harder.

Last night was kind of funny because we actually did a lot of running.  We started off with about a 1 mile warm-up run.  I started about mid pack and by the end of the mile had moved right to the front with the others dropping off.  Then we did a bunch of sets that included various strength moves followed by various running related activities (suicides, high knees, runs).  For every strength move I'd be slower than pretty much everyone else and last to finish, but in the run portion I usually caught up.  Definitely know where my strength and weakness is. It's time to balance these out!

After class I got talking with one guy.  Him & his wife have lost 35 lbs each in about 9 months mostly just by taking the bootcamp class twice a week.  Now, I ... more than most, realize that nutrition also takes a HUGE place in weight loss.  But, it was very inspiring to hear of their success.  They both look fantastic.  I left there and headed straight for the grocery store where I stocked up on $80 of mostly fruits & veggies.  My lunch today is so yummy and healthy!  It may be taking me a long time to get back to a fully healthy lifestyle, but I really am getting there.  I just have to keep it up and I will soon begin to reap the rewards.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.  We have a long weekend here.  I have a long run planned (which I hope my legs can handle) and then a few fun activities.  Hopefully a little sleeping in too ... even until 9:00 would be nice!



jamie@sweatyhugs said...

Way to go on the bootcamp classes! Don't worry about sucking right now. I'm sure you'll get there in time. (I, like you are sort of competitive with I know how you are feeling! LOL) Very cool about the couple who lost the 35lbs! Very inspiring! That class must be working you guys really hard.

Marcelle said...

Am in bed with my iPad reading ur entry and laughed out aloud, thank goodness am alone!
You sound so much like me in wanting to be the best in whatever I do, even against those younger than me. Today while running a 34 year old could not keep up with my pace, boy that felt so good, I'm 15 years older.

Glad you enjoyed your class, you and I both enjoy the Bootcamp type of workouts, makes great changes to the body that running alone can't do.
I would love to do a training session with u ;)

Marlene said...

You will get that bootcamp groove back! Awesome on the workouts!!

Fran said...

Sounds like so much fun that class! I can't wait to try out Bootcamp. Yes that's right: I'm going to Bootcamp too but I have to wait a few months. My friend and I picked a date in October after my half marathon. I've got time to get in shape LOL.

The bootcamp I'm going too is similar to the one you had last night: outside and involves running too.

I'm happy to hear you enjoyed it so much and that you're doing great overall. Keep up the good work Heidi.

Syl said...

Heidi, WTG! I've always been afraid of bootcamp classes....yup I'm a big suck!
Good for you! Glad you are enjoying it, sometimes all that hard work just gets the ball rolling to not wanna eat badly.
I'm going to get out for a run before the long weekend is over I think I can, I think I can... ;-)

Missy said...

Glad you've found a class that works well for you. I would like to find a class that fits into my schedule and attend regularly. It is so motivating to work out alongside others. Keep at it and you'll be right at the top again!!