Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Not A Fan

Well there's an hour & $5 that I'll never get back.  Hmmppppffff!!!!

Yesterday I had planned to ride my bike to/from work.  However, in the morning my husband said it was spitting with rain and offered to drive me in with my bike.  I don't mind riding home in rain, but I really dislike being wet and frizzy haired all day, so prefer not to have to ride to work in that.  He asked me to sit with him while he had breakfast & coffee.  The whole time I was looking out the window and didn't notice it raining, nor did it rain on the drive in.  Hmmmmm ... probably should have ridden, but it was nice to have a little time together since I rarely see him these days.

Since I missed the ride in, I knew that I'd be getting alot less mileage on the bike.  I contemplated a run after work, but ... in the spirit of mixing things up, I decided I'd find a fitness class to drop in to.  Last week I did one day of bootcamp (which I'll also do this week), but 2 days is better than 1, right?  Well, not so much with this class.

The class was called Abs, Butt, Thighs BALL class.  The whole thing was done while using a fitness ball.  It's a good concept, but to be honest I found the ball more annoying and distracting than anything and I got nothing out of the class.

We spent about 15-20 minutes "bouncing" (i.e. squats while rebounding off the ball) while doing various arm movements.  My ball kept walking away from me and I had to keep adjusting.  This was to be the cardio portion of class and I never broke a sweat.  SNORE!

Then we moved on to doing various squats while bouncing the ball in front of us.  I found it awkward to get into a really deep squat with the ball.  Normally squats kick my ass big time and I can barely walk the next day.  These did nothing for me.

Next was some upper body work while leaning on the ball against the wall, and doing squats while rolling the ball up and down the wall. Again, because I'm trying to keep the ball from flying out from behind me, I couldn't concentrate on the moves and never felt a burn.

There was also some ab/core exercises and for the most part those were decent.  Today I'm feeling the slightest of twinges in my abs, but not at all what I should be considering the horrible shape my core is in.  If I was remotely core fit, I wouldn't have worked them at all.

My shining moment was when we were lying on the ground, doing leg lifts with the ball between our legs.  My ball was admittedly a bit big for me, and my legs are short and stubby - thus it's rather difficult for me to hang on.  The ball shot out from between my feet and beaned some poor woman in the head.  What a nice feeling! Laying there, concentrating on the burn, and WHAM ... someone's ball nails you from across the room.  Poor lady!
admittedly, this is my favourite 
thing to do with a fitness ball

This is definitely a class I will NOT be attending again.  The instructor is good, I've had her before .... but a class focused solely on the ball does not do it for me.  Should have gone for the run. :(



kimert said...

Ah the stability ball... I am so clumsy on it. I take a core class once in a while in which they sometimes use a ball. When I am sweating buckets it is HARD to stay on or do the moves correctly with the ball. Awkward for sure!

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha!!!! I can just see that ball shooting across the room!!! Sounds like something I would do :) We are SO sisters lol

Fran said...

Well you tried the class and know you don't like it. I recognize some of your exercises from the Pilates classes I took at the beginning of this year. I always had trouble keeping the ball in place too and I've certainly brought others in danger when I had to keep it between my legs and it fell LOL.

Good for you for trying Heidi!

Marcelle said...

I taught that class and loved it.
The whole idea is while you are trying to keep the ball still, YOUR ABS ARE CONTRACTING AND WORKING...your instructor should have explained this to you so you had better understanding of the workout.
As you get stronger in the AB area the ball will no longer move...but while its moving you know you are working those abs as they contracting as not to let you fall off.
I hope this gives you better understanding of what you were doing. I add these workouts to my ab days with variation of the KB.

Marlene said...

That's too bad the class was a disappointment - I guess you don't know til you try! Had to giggle at your ball going flying into someone!!

Anonymous said...

ugh that sucks.
i have a stability ball at home and i like some moves on it, but its true...its hard to concentrate when the ball hates you and wants to run away from you! lol

Missy said...

BUMMER that the class wasn't a good fit for you. Guess you have to go at least once to know for sure...

Lynsey said...

Sorry I'm just reading this. I love my ball. I get an awesome core workout on it and love to do pushups on it also. Sorry you didn't like it. Glad you liked the other ones though!