Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Different Perspective

Yesterday was awesome!  After riding my bike to work (7 miles), then walking at lunch (2 miles), I then rode out to meet my husband at his job after work (another 13 miles).

In total I biked 20 miles and walked 2 miles.  I call that a great day!  Honestly, had it been earlier in the day I would have biked home from his worksite.  I'm working up to a 45-50 mile return day trip that I want to do.  When you break it up a bit, it's really not all that hard.  Biking is great exercise, but not nearly as challenging as running.

Because of the longer ride I didn't run last night, but tonight I'm getting my run on again!


The other day I was having a chat with a friend who is wanting to lose some weight.  She knows from years of experience that she does not lose weight easily, even though she is an exercising queen!  Right now she's working on a 1 year plan.  Her plan is simple ..... lose 2 pounds per month.  It takes patience.  Typically when we decide we want to lose weight, we want it off NOW, or yesterday would be even better.

Lately I've been struggling with this.  I put on some weight over a relatively short time, and I want it off PRONTO!  But, I have to realistic and know that's not going to happen.  I know it won't come off overnight, I don't expect that.  But, like many people, I can put ON weight a HECK of alot faster than I can take it OFF.  So, if it took me 3 months to gain the weight, it's likely going to take me 6 months (or more) to take it off.

Considering I've been at a weight I was pretty comfortable with for a few years, it's hard for this not to be frustrating.  I just want to be back to where I was.  I know there are reasons why I put on this weight, and so quickly, but I can't worry about that now.  After listening to my friend, I've realized that I need a different perspective.  I need to practice patience, and consistency.

So ... my goal is to lose 4 lbs this month, then 2 lbs per month after that until I reach my desired weight.  I think these are manageable chunks.  I know  often people have weekly goals, but for me I find it a bit disappointing when you have those weeks where no matter what you do, you don't lose.  I'm at this point now where I HAVE to do this, and I HAVE to be successful.  But I'm going to be patient about it.


Lynsey said...

You can do it! And wowzer on the bike ride. My butt would be sore!

Fran said...

Awesome bike ride!
I do agree that biking isn't as challenging as running, I burn more when I run, but it's a good cross training exercise besides the running.

This post comes at the right time for me. I'm exactly like your friend, losing weight goes slow with me. I've been working on a weight loss goal last week and did set weekly goals. But I like your and your friends approach more and will look into it tonight to set a goal on a monthly base and extend the period in which I want to reach goal weight. Thanks for the help.

Syl said...

Sounds like a great bike ride Heidi. I love riding my bike, it's a different type of workout and I find it so enjoyable.
Great goals Heidi, I know you are in the right head space to make it happen.

Missy said...

That's a great perspective to have! And I think very realistic. It's much harder to lose than gain, especially when you're relatively close to your goal weight. Good luck in the coming months!