Wednesday, July 13, 2011

No Complaints

It's been a stellar week!

So far I have ridden my bike to/from work 6 out of the last 8 work days.  YAY!  The days I missed I had to do errands that required me to have a vehicle.  I can honestly say that I missed riding my bike on those days.

I have also ran twice so far this week.  Monday was a short 5K that I would have loved to have made longer, however there was a hungry crew awaiting dinner that I had to attend to.  I need more hours in my days.

Tuesday was an interesting run.  First off, it was 10K.  It was HOT and stuffy and I'm really proud to say that I put my nose to the grind and powered up the hills.  For the last while I've been taking walk breaks on the hills.  Yesterday I decided it was time to push myself a bit and force my way up them.  I did take a couple walk breaks, but not on any hills (YAY me!).  

On our run yesterday we encounter a drunk man passed out on the side of the road.  We stopped to call for help as he was laying flat on his back and I was afraid if he threw up he would choke on it.  Then, near the end of the run two little dogs almost got hit by a car and we directed the owner in finding them.  Apparently both these events are common situations with both the people involved.  Kinda sad. :(

And, on a super good note, I checked my weight today and am down 3 lbs from last week!  As I stated in my last post, I'll officially be tracking just monthly weight change, but I'd still like to be aware on a weekly basis (JUST a weekly basis though).

Things are really coming back again!



Marlene said...

I hear you on needing more hours! Gah! Sounds like you are doing great fitting it all in - nice on all the cycle-muting!!

Missy said...

YAAAAAY for a great week! That is awesome. Your upbeat spirit is so motivating. Makes me wish I could ride my bike to work... or thump on a 10k. I'll keep working towards that 5k ;o) So glad things are going well.

Anonymous said...

i know what you mean abotu when u say that u miss riding ur bike. i do the same thing on days that i need to drive to the train station instead of walking. i miss the walk 100%.

overall great week, heidi! good job and keep those workouts coming!

kimert said...

Yay for a great week!
And woohoo on the 3lbs!

Fran said...

Great week so far Heidi. Without knowing it from each other it looks like we inspired each other from a distance. You've read my last post and know I'm having a great week too.

Woohoo for us! Great job!

I feel even more sad for the little dogs than for that man. Maybe bad of me but I can't stand it when something bad happens to animals (or children).

Marcelle said...

Hello....its me, the stranger...I know...not been on anyones blog for the last week, went to visit Sarah and then feeling so down in the dumps with my child leaving and now tomorrow she is off to the middle east...a country I am totally unfamiliar with been crying lots today as she is off tomorrow.
ANYWAY...Thats why I have been quiet...

GREAT to see you running up those dreaded hills, I now only run mine as I always tell myself...If I can do it then there is no excuse to walk up it the next time...:)
Taught the girls I run with to think like that as well...
You sure have had a stellar week, and what a great weight loss.
I started the 17 day diet again to get me to be more aware of what I eat and portion size, went a little moggy with Sarah and when my daughter was here.
So promise, I'm back...with a heavy heart...but will be okay, now if only the sun will shine again...