Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Awkward Running Moments

Last night I did a little, easy, ENJOYABLE 3 mile run.  Temperature was just perfect.  Very little traffic.  I felt pretty good and it was a positive, confidence building run.  It was just peaceful .... although a little eventful.

Awkward Running Moment #172

When running, I always carry a little pack with a few items in it (ID, a little money, cell phone).  My daughter was at a friends house and I was expecting her to contact me for a ride home at some point.  So, when I got a text message from my daughter, I stopped to check it.  It said:
What do you mean you're running late?  You're not supposed to come yet, we're out for a walk still.
I thought, "Huh? What is she talking about?"  So I responded, "I never said I'm running late. What are you talking about?".  Then I thought ... hmmm, did I say something????  So I checked my outgoing messages, and see this:
Running late, will be there soon .  Where are you? X Wu o
And I see a few more that have gone out to a few different people.  Whoops!  Lesson learned - lock your keypad before putting your phone into your pack.  One day it's going to pocket dial someone and I'm sure to say something embarrassing.

Awkward Running Moment #172

Then near the end of my run I see my friend's car coming towards me, with my friend leaning out the passenger window waving madly at me.  I assumed it was her and her husband on their way home.  My friends and I are rather ... ummm, comfortable, with each other.  It's a bit of a joke between us and completely meaningless.  (don't judge - hahhaa).

So as the car approaches and my friend is waving all over, I grab my shirt to flip it up.  Only to get part way and realize, "WAIT! That's not her husband driving, that's her 17 yr old son!!!!"   Eeeeeekkkkkkkkk!!!!  Poor kid.  No child should be subjected to that.  HAHAHA  Although he has known me since he was about 5 and his Mom is at least as crazy (if not more-so) than me.

Now, to clarify things, I was wearing a sports bra under my tank so no one was going to see anything anyway.  AND, my tank also has a built in shelf bra, so again, no one was going to see anything.  As well, chances that I would have lifted my tank ALL the way up are pretty darn slim.  But still, it was pretty funny and I think we were all a little shocked.

Made for some entertainment anyway.



Syl said...

you're hilarious Heidi! Great job on the run though ;-)

misszippy said...

Number 2 is the best! Gave him lots to share at school today w/ his friends. ; )

kimert said...

Yay you for getting an easy run in!!!

Marlene said...

Oh no! That's too funny!

chubbygf said...

The flashing moment reminds me of "Old School." So funny! Thank you for brightening the day with these stories : )

Fran said...

Oh Heidi this is so funny! This is the first blog I read today and my day is already good!

About the phone, I had the same accident a couple of weeks ago, but my phone did call a bunch of people who all called me back because they were worried: I call them and they didn't hear a thing :) I even called one of my managers LOL.

Anonymous said...

That is too funny!!! For a while I could not get to your blog because China blocks blogspot (among other things), but it looks like your Challenge month is going well!

Anonymous said...

That is toooo funny!! Awkward running moments.. that could be an ongoing segment (atleast on my blog for sure). I have had a few moments that I wasn't brave enough to discuss on the blog. Too funny tho!!

Missy said...

Oh my goodness - both stories are hilarious!!! That is too funny.

Nej said...

Her son. (giggle)