Friday, September 16, 2011

Here we go!

Last night I did another free class.  This one was called "Bodysculpt" and was a weights only class.  There were 2 other classes I could have taken as well (Yoga & Zumba) but I had a few obstacles and to be completely honest I didn't really feel like taking them.  I know ... I know, I should have tried the Yoga.  Oh well, maybe it will come up again.

I did however get two huge bowls of blackberries picked and frozen.  Smoothies will be calling me!!!!

So far I've received the following challenges, all of which I intend to fully complete:

  • Nikki has challenged me to eat up those veggies!  I won't be buying a tray, but I will put in the effort and chop and whole bunch up on Saturday.  My goal is to eat at least 4 different veggies (min. 1/2 cup each) each day this week.
  • Kim has challenged me to add in an additional run this week, in the form of a speed workout.  My plan is to do interval runs for a total of at least 3 miles.  I may even do this one tonight!
  • Syl (who thinks she is being gentle but is probably the meanest of them all) has challenged me to a vegetarian meal complete with recipe, pictures AND a picture of myself.  Oh Syl, I'm gonna get you back! :)
  • Fran has managed to find my little crux.  As I told her earlier, I literally woke up this morning and thought of this challenge.  My first thought was "Sh*#, I bet someone is gonna challenge me to do a Jillian workout!".  Go check the e-mail and there is Fran's challenge.  ERGH!  But, I'll take you up on it.  Fran has also challenged me to add in an extra run this week.  I will take on her challenge AS WELL AS Nikki's.  So that's two extra runs this week (total 4).
Unless further challenges come in, this is what I'm planning for the week, including what I "usually" do:

  • Four runs including .... a long run (8-13 miles), a good effort 5K, interval run ~3 miles (for Kim!), and an easy, enjoyable run of whatever distance makes me smile (for Fran!).
  • 3 strength workouts including ... 2 days of classes PLUS the dreaded much anticipated Jillian Shred workout (for Fran)
  • Veggies ... eat at least 4 different veggies (1/2 cup minimum) every day this week
  • Vegetarian meal ... new recipe & photographed (gee, it didn't say anywhere in there that I actually had to eat it - hahhaa Syl, you need to be a little more specific *wink*)
  • Updated picture of me .. yes, I'm fully aware that images of myself have been lacking from this blog.  There is a reason.  I don't like me these days.  But I'll suck it up.  Maybe get my daughter to practice some photography skills.

If I missed anything ladies let me know!

We actually have some real rain in the forecast this weekend.  Boohoooooooo! :(  I'm not looking forward to this.  I want summer back, the whole thing.  I want the warmer, drier weather.  I want the longer days of daylight.  I want the kids out of school.  I want the impromptu trips to the beach or for gelato (even though they were VERY few and far between).  I want the late nights sitting around a fire.  I want it all! :(  But, I guess if I had that all the time it wouldn't be special, it would be normal.  So, instead I will try to find the positives in this next season and enjoy life as it is given to me.

Have a great weekend!

Good luck to Fran on her race this weekend.  Hope you're feeling well.



Missy said...

Sorry I've been a bad bloggy challenger. This week kicked my butt!!!! I didn't get a chance to read everyone else's challenges but my challenge to you would be: ELIMINATE SUGAR for the rest of Week 3. No sweets, baked goods, ice cream, sugar pop, candy. None. Good luck!

Fran said...

I have two initials: J.F.
Guess what the first one is :)
Just kidding, it's not Jillian.
But I'll make it easier on you: I promise I will do a Jillian workout too next week.

I was wondering why you have so many free classes to choose from. Is this for a certain period or all the time? I love it, there are never free classes here. It's a great opportunity to explore new things.

Summer is definitely gone here too. Tomorrow it's rather cold with rain: perfect running weather for me (well I could do without the rain but it's better than heat).

Good luck on all your challenges. I'm sure you make a success of it.

Anonymous said...

I wish you luck on your challenges this week! I apologize for not challenging you (or anyone) for that matter. It's been a crazy week out of town for work. But I'm wishing everyone the best!! :)