Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Challenge FUN!

Challenge participants .... see below for Week Three instructions

Gee, where have I been.  Not blogging apparently.  Hmmm, so what have I been up to.  After last week's horrible class, I actually found myself a little stiff in the quads (completely due to the bazillion lunges we did in bootcamp, not the Jane Fonda workout).  This made Saturday's long run a little challenging.  My legs felt sore and heavy.  I still managed to plow through 10 miles, but it wasn't pretty and it wasn't fast.  My daughter's bf asked me how far I ran that day, to which I replied (somewhat disheartened) "only 10 miles today" - he gasped and nearly fell off the chair - heehee.  I sometimes forget that I shouldn't add "only" for most people.  It was HOT out this past weekend so we went early.  My friend was running 22 miles (thus my use of the word "only") and she left her house at 5am.  I met her at 6am and it was still a bit dark out.  But we managed to get all the miles in before it got too hot.

Later that day I took a well deserved nap and when I went to get up, I literally collapsed and fell.  My legs were DONE! :)  So Sunday I took a well deserved rest day and it was greatly appreciated.  Instead of exercising, I put on a pretty summer dress and watched my son bust his butt in the 32°C/90°F heat in his first soccer game of the season.  They were a man short, no spare players, and it was HOT!  He has a cold too so it must have been miserable.  Thankfully the ref was kind (intelligent) and gave them mandatory water breaks in the middle of the game.

Yesterday I had a little fun.  Our community is offering up a few free (gotta love free) sampler fitness classes.  Unfortunately they are horribly unorganized so my friend and I were the only participants, but hey, personal attention and it's free!  We took a Step & Sculpt class which was AWESOME.  I've missed step and I love this instructor.  Unfortunately she's moving to Sri Lanka soon (who does that???) so won't be around too long. :(  Then we took a Zumba class.  Hmmm, it was fun and I had a good time, but I think I'm too stiff and self conscious to really get into it.  The instructor grew up in South America and really got her groove on.  I'm REALLY glad the room we were in did not have mirrors because let me tell you ...... there was a whole lotta shaking going on!!!! I'm kinda glad it was just my friend and I because I wouldn't have wanted a lot of people to see all my body parts flinging around like that.  Icky!


I've cooked up something that I think will be fun for week three of the challenge.  At least I hope you guys think it's fun.  We all have the opportunity to challenge one another this week.

The challenge can be whatever you want to subject the other participants to.  It can be to cut out a certain food for the week, try a new recipe/food/vegetarian meal, etc., try a new class or a different workout, run stairs, do a series of exercises during commercials of your favourite tv show.  Whatever you like.  Doesn't have to be limited to what I just mentioned.  Get your creative juices going and challenge each other.  Try not to be too mean, but most of us know each other fairly well through the blogging community and can probably find a little chink in the armour to challenge each other.

You get 1 pt per person that you challenge.  You don't HAVE to challenge each participant, you can challenge one, you can challenge some, you can challenge all.  But I do kinda hope everyone challenges everyone.  So if I challenge Syl I earn 1 pt.  If I challenge Syl AND Fran I earn 2 pts ... and so on.

Then, if you complete a challenge that was given to you (i.e. Missy challenges me to not eat cookies all week), then you earn 1 point for that.

So 1 pt per challenge that you put out, and 1 pt per challenge you complete.

To challenge someone either go to their blog (addresses are on the spreadsheet) and post it in their comments.  It would probably be a good idea to comment back to the person who challenged you to let them know you've received their challenge.

Challenges must be made by September 16th at the latest and you have up until the 21st to complete them.

Make sense????

I look forward to dreaming up challenges and seeing what you guys come up with to beat me up!



Syl said...

I challenge you to have a no fat, no foam pumpkin spiced latte and the calories won't count... ;-)
Ha ha just kidding!
I think that's a great idea I just need to think of something!
Speaking of sore...On Sunday husband took the kids and the car. I had to do groceries so I walked. Well I bought a little more than I should of forgetting I had to walk home. Monday morning I woke up and my arms were in so much pain, I couldn't lift them over my head ;-). I can relate to soreness ;-)

kimert said...

Awesome idea!!
Now if only I could remember to open that spread sheet and get to logging! Apparently, I am a slacker blogger! lol

Anonymous said...

Wowee!! You are kicking butt on this challenge thing. I'm trying to hang with you all your rockstars I really really am! I'm upset that I will be out of town for most of the week next week for work. I'm not sure what kind of challenge I could even do?! We shall see! Keep up the great work..only 10 miles...ha! You are a running rockstar! :)

Nikki said...

1. I checked for those free classes after you mentioned it and didn't see them advertised anywhere!

2. I'm not in the overall challenge, but I'm open to an individual challenge if you have time to think of one for me! Please go easy...

Marcelle said...

ONLY!!!!!!! why do we do that???
I find I also do that..I only did a 10km so many 10km is a far far way to run, like your 10miles would be to me!!!!
So well done and agree, running in the hot weather is really hard...but its do drinking lots of water...Did you???

Your challenge sounds so interesting....hope everyone gets into it and joins you.
As you know I'm off to Italy the weekend, hear the weather is good there as getting colder here, so looking forward to some sunshine...:)

Fran said...

Funny isn’t it how your thinking about distances change when you start to run longer distances. A colleague of mine asked how far our race on Sunday is and I said only 10 miles too. Same reaction as your daughter’s BF. But 10 miles is actually a long run, there are so many who don’t run that. Next time say “I’ve run 10 freaking long miles” LOL.

Smart girl to take a rest day on Sunday.

Zumba from a South-American teacher: I don’t think you can get it better. South-American people sure know their Samba moves.

That’s a challenging challenge. I need to think of something for you and Syl, but after reading Linzi’s comment I’ve got one for her. I like the idea of this.