Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I think I'm settling back into regular life again for a bit. Getting back from holidays, mostly unpacking the trailer, an unplanned trip to pick up my son and our friends stuff, then spending the long weekend with my parents and sister and her family.... that's a lot in one week.

Had a really nice long weekend away. Stayed at my Mom's place and visited with my sister and her family each day. It was super hot - high 30's, but we were pretty much on the water for the most of the day which was wonderful.

Apparently I need a new bikini - hahaaa. I started the summer with two. The one I really liked I lost the bottoms on our last day in Oregon. I had the top on under my clothes, but just carried the bottoms with me down to the lake and I must have dropped them somewhere along the way. I didn't realize they were missing until we'd left the campground. The 2nd one, I took with me this weekend and I left the bottoms hanging on my Mom's railing - which is fine, I will get it back. But I've been told by family that they were too big anyway and I had droopy butt in them (nice!). Of course being August and mid summer I'm probably not likely to find a full suit. I'll find fall wear and maybe a snowsuit, but not a bikini (personal vent there).

Eating has been good yesterday and so far today. I let loose on the weekend and indulged in french fries twice and I feel gross. Also put me up 1 lb, but I'm not worried about that. I'm right back on track.

Been having trouble getting in workouts. Last week and weekend was SO hot I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Not sure if I'll get an official workout in today either. I need to start riding my horses again. We want to sell probably 2 of them and they haven't been ridden in quite some time and they'll need to be ridden. It's still a good form of exercise, but I don't personally feel it's enough for me.

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Syl said...

I laughed out loud! I could just picture it! and nothing is worse then a saggy butt! you need a new swim suit my friend!
I am going full force too, today was a slack day (wi day) and tomorrow I'm back! I need to get rid of these last 8 because they are driving me nuts!
We can do it my friend!