Saturday, August 8, 2009

Kicking My Own Ass!

WOW! The other day I pledged to get back to my regular fitness schedule by at least doing a run on Thursday night. I'm proud to say that I most definitely got my session in. I hadn't done weights in a few weeks with vacation and all, so I really wanted to incorporate that. So this was my workout:
10 min running at 6mph
Alternate the following with running 2 min at 8mph between each move;
40 walking lunges
40 lateral lunges
100 crunches (50 standard, 50 obliques)
100 reverse crunches
Push-ups - 1 set x 20, 1 set x 10
Lateral Raises with 10 lb weights - 2 set x 15, 1 set x 10

finish with 5 min running at 6mph
Holy moly do those fast sets in between get your heart rate up there. I was absolutely dripping in sweat.
Then Friday morning I went to a drop-in fitness class called Abs, Butt, & Thighs. I've done this class a million times and always love it.
But WOWSERS, with those two days combined with a previous lack of strength training - owie, owie, OWIE! If I sit for any extended time I have to manually lift my legs to move them. And my butt is swearing at me. Today I'm taking off, but tomorrow morning I'm running with a couple friends.
Went shopping today in the hopes of finding a new bathing suit, bikini preferred. Apparently summer is over though and the best I could find was a few odd pieces that didn't match.
I did try on a few clothes, though nothing that screamed my name. I was very happy to try on a skirt that I eyed a few weeks ago. I think it was either late May or June when I first tried it and the 9/10 was a bit snug. This time I tried it and it was at least a full size too big - YAY!!!
My closet is ridiculous right now. All my bottoms are too big and I can pretty much only wear them if I can put a belt on and cinch it up. It's a good problem, but I wish a winning lottery ticket would come my way so I can do a full makeover.
I leave you with a few pictures from our trip down the Oregon Coast last month (better late than never). I have more to post but some editing needs to be done as some of the people in the pics I do not have permission to post:
This is me at the top of the Watchman trail overlooking Crater Lake. If you ever have the chance to visit Crater Lake I strongly urge you to - it's gorgeous!
My husband, son & his friend climbed on top of one of these huge rocks and he is taking the picture from up there. In the lower third of the picture in the middle you see a white dot and a black dot. I am the white dot (in my PJs - haha), and the other is my little dog, Tia.
And speaking of Tia .... here is my little Superdog!!! :) This was also up at Crater Lake. She looks like she's getting ready for take-off.

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Syl said...

yes that is a GREAT problem to have! But i know what you mean about winning the lottery, but if you do it slowly eventually you will have all you need :-)

Oh and I also wanted to share something with you:
yes that's right I FINALLY did it!