Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Plans Work and "New" Jeans

I was a good girl yesterday and stuck to my plan. Well for the most part. I didn't feel like making prawns just for myself and instead had a 1/2 slice of pizza which the rest of the family ate. But I 100% stuck to my workout plan and I believe that was ONLY because I had posted it here. A few times I wanted to cut it short, but then I didn't want to have to come here and say I didn't quite do what I had planned. I was drenched in sweat and it felt SO good!!!

Yesterday on my lunch hour I decided to hit up Value Village again to see if I could find some in-between clothes. I'm not in touch with my new size and was thrilled to see that most of the 9/10s I picked out were too big (YAY!). I didn't find a whole lot that I loved and didn't want to buy something that was just sort of OK.

But I did find these Garage jeans for $5.99. I know Garage is more of a teen line, but their clothes seem to fit me fairly well. While in Oregon I bought the black top on the right at Target for $20 and hadn't found anything to wear it with yet.

I also found this Jacob dress at VV, which isn't really something I "needed", but I feel good wearing it and it was only $17. I can wear it to work, even though my job is very casual, but also we have a dinner out planned next month for my co-worker who just retired, so I can wear it there.

Also, I mentioned this a while back, when we were in Oregon I bought a couple of running skirts from Target. I think they were $20 each. The one on the left had a matching top ($14) and I couldn't resist. The top on the right is Adidas and I actually found it at Cabelas Hunting store (who knew they carried running wear???).
The skirts are quite comfy and I've worn the black one quite a bit just for casual wear - like to the beach or hanging out around the house/campsites. I do like them for running, but I did find that on longer runs (especially when it's super hot), that my thighs rub a bit. I'm going to have to get some Glide and see if that helps.


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Susan said...

Wow ! I think you look amazing ! Your arms and legs are really toned ! If you never lost another pound I think you could call yourself a HUGE success ! You look awesome just the way you are !

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

I'm a little behind but a comment is still deserved. All I can say is WOWEE lady, you look smokin! Carlos happens to be sitting next to me and he said "Wow, she looks great!"

Really truly Heidi, you look amazing and I'm so glad your inside is shining through :)