Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm the Old Bag & Shred Challenge


Yesterday I got back from spending 5 days with my parents and my sister & her family. It was sure nice to be able to see them all. I can't truly blame my Mom's slow computer for my lack of posts. I quite simply just didn't get to it and really wasn't on the computer very much at all.

I didn't get my camera out at all (it's not beach friendly), but my cousin did manage to get this one shot of me laying on a floaty. And my kids catching a few rays too. I didn't request permission to post my sister's pic so I've put a heart over her (cuz I love her - smooch!).


Last night I went to a fitness class at a location I don't usually go to. I like it there because it's a younger class, younger instructor, the music is typically better and the class is pretty upbeat.

But the downside is that I often find myself being one of the oldest people in the class, and yesterday I was also the biggest - obviously not by much, but still. Pretty weird that at only 36 I was one of the oldest. I've never encountered that anywhere but at this one location. And as for being the biggest ... I know I'm not big, but it's amazing how quickly I felt self concious, which I shouldn't have been.

I did manage to push that aside for the most part, and had a really good class. I still really like this location and try to get there as often as I can.


My blogging buddy Syl has posted up a little challenge - to do Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred, every day for 30 days, starting September 1st. I spent all day debating on whether or not I should join her. I've done The Shred many times before and I enjoy it. Jillian definitely kicks ass and hits you in all the right spots. But, admittedly, I'm not confident that I can actually stick to doing it every single day for 30 straight days. I'm a bit of a fickle character, I crave variety and get bored easily. I recall when Syl did this before there were days when she seemed to dread doing it, but still did it. I'm not positive that I have it in me to do it on those days (which I know are bound to happen).

Soooo...... after much deliberation, and mostly after looking back at Syl's results, Ash is Fit's results, and a bunch more I found online ..... I have decided to give it a shot, though somewhat modified. I really enjoy going to fitness classes a couple times a week and the one's I take are very focused on weight training and high intensity cardio (much like the Shred). So, I have decided that my pledge will be to either do The Shred OR one of these types of classes every day for the month of September. Of course I will always keep up with my running and some biking as usual.


Syl said...

that's fair my friend- welcome aboard!

skinny me! said...

Nice butt lol. You look great in a bikini...I'm jealous. As for the movie, 'Food Inc' doesn't contain a lot of graphic imagery at all. It's not a difficult movie to watch, its more that it makes you really think. 'Earthlings' is the one that has all the graphic stuff...still though INCREDIBLE! You should definitely start with Food Inc!

Syl said...

ok BUT! You know how you did the link to my blog...and it says "results" and when you click on it you get do you do that?
If for example I wanted to link your blog to mine and just wanted to type your name would I get it to link back to you?
clear as mud????