Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Today I vow to.....

Feeling kinda funky! I'm tired and unmotivated to do much of anything. Was much the same yesterday. I'd planned to either workout at home or take a class, but instead I ate a bunch of carbs then crashed on the couch all night. So unproductive :(

Today I didn't even pack a lunch or snacks - which is fairly unusual for me. It's noon now and I sit here half hoping that a nice healthy lunch will just plop down in front of me because I completely lack the motivation to make any effort.

WOW - reading back over that even I'm sick of me. Time to snap out of it! OK ... deep breath .... putting on the invisible thinking cap.....

Here's my plan for today:

Lunch - Ham & Veggie Sub, Steamed Milk

Dinner - 2 Prawn Skewers, Corn on the Cob, Spinach Salad

Workout -

*10 min run at 7 mph
*Following moves (3 sets x 12) with 1 min 15 sec running at 9 mph between:
...Chest press (2 plates)
...Dumbbell Rows (15 lbs)
...Incline Chest Press (12 lbs)
...Lat Pulldown (4 plates)
...Shoulder Press (12 lbs)
...Tricep Pulldown (2 plates)
...Hammer Curls (1 x 15 lbs, 1 x 12 lbs, 1 x 10 lbs)
...Tricep Kickbacks (8 lbs)
...Concentration Curls (1 x 15 lbs, 2 x 12 lbs)
*10 min. Abs - basic crunch, straight leg raises, reverse crunch, planks 2 x 1 min

When I have stuck to all of the above, then I'm allowed to watch So You Think You Can Dance Canada. Otherwise the TV must stay off for the evening.


Susan said...

Good Luck ! I always find that when I stop working out and making the effort.....if I can get through just one day of getting it done it sets me back on course. Come on ! You can do it !

Syl said...

Alright Heidi,
I'm driving over to kick your ass!
Just kidding!
Hope you get to watch your show tonight!