Thursday, August 13, 2009

Running Room

Last night I finally got my behind down to the Running Room to join in on one of their practice runs - they're free (BONUS!).

I went with a friend who also had never been. Thoroughly enjoyed it!!

I'm guessing there was at least 50 people there, maybe more??? Pretty much everyone seemed so upbeat and friendly.

There was a bunch of different groups that you could join in with - Walk program, 3 Km (run 2 min, walk 1 min) (I'm guessing this was from the Learn to Run group), 7 Km (run 10, walk 1), 10 km (they were doing a hills session), and a Half Marathon group (also doing hills). There may have been another one, I forget.

We joined in the 7Km as this was our first time out with them and my friend hasn't run longer than 5Km in a few weeks. They took us on a nice little route. I'm not fond of the traffic and especially the traffic lights, but it was just fun to get out with a bunch of active people.

I most definitely want to go again!

At this location they also offer a 15Km clinic. What a great in between step from 10Km to Half Marathon. I don't see it offered for online registration, but they had it on their board. I'll have to note when that group is starting up and see if it would work.

Though a lady we talked to last night said she doesn't get much from the clinics anymore now that she's been running for a while. Which leaves me having mixed feelings. I'm bad that way .... I can hear tons of really good reviews, but one bad one and I'm left questioning. That's awful :( I really shouldn't be like that.

Today's plan:


Breakfast - 1 1/2 buns, 3 sl. salami, 1 tsp jam (not really a great choice, but my MIL had it out and I ate before I thought) (5)
Snack - Nectarine (1)
Lunch - President's Choice Szechuan Chicken, Nectarine, 20 mini pretzels (7)
Snack - String Cheese, Carrot sticks & Cucumber Slices (2)
Dinner - Tilapia, Corn on the Cob (I'm the only one eating it), Spinach Salad (7)


30 min casual run

3 sets x 12 of the following:

Runners Lunges
Basic Crunches
Cross Knee Oblique Crunches
3 angle Calf Raises
Dumbbell Side Bends
Single Leg Bridge Ups
Plank x 1 min.


Tiffany said...

Glad to hear you liked it. I've debated a few times doing a running clinic with the running room. Maybe I'll try it once my ankle gets better.

And by the way you look AMAZING in the pics from your previous post. Hope I can look as thin when I reach 145.

Syl said...

Great work Heidi, I have been doing the Sunday runs with my girlfriends through the running room, they always offer a few different routes.

Syl said...

sorry I scared you! Hope I haven't lost a reader :-)